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November 19, 2013
Save The World by ~Patches67
The suggester said: "There is no end to the epicness of this piece. Seriously, blew me away with a smile on my face."
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Suggested by mirz333
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Save The World


A little advice.


When a little catgirl knocks on your door and she hands you a pair of cat ears and a maid outfit and tells you the world is in peril...




EDIT: OMG A DAILY DEVIATION I think I've fainted. 

I just need to sit down for a bit then I'll be back, hopefully with something poignant to say other than just thank you all!

EDIT 2: Now that I've managed to calm down a bit.

This animation took two weeks of work and had as much effort put into it as any short film I have created.  I used GIMP 2 which was actually not recommended to me as the premium software to tackle a project like this.  But it was free and I wanted to do pixel art.  I have more advanced programs like Adobe and Corel Paint and IMO they're not really suited for doing simple pixel art.  I studied animation in college and have not done an animation project in ages and emoticons really speak to me as a medium.  Simple.  Iconic.  Often funny short gags.  The only thing that prevented me from getting into it earlier was not finding software I liked.  GIMP 2 has the simple interface I was looking for in pixel art software that also does animation.  On top of that it has a simple scripting language that allows you to manipulate the speed of the frames and alter them on individual frames, that's pretty handy.  I have to say any project bigger than this GIMP 2 is not suited.  I wish it would do things like let you save and import animations into the frames of another project.  But for short little things it's perfect for me.

I did use Corel to create the paint effects for some scrolling backgrounds and gradual paint fills.  I don't like how GIMP 2 all gradual fills blend the edges and it doesn't have gradual in the paint function.  Also exporting files back and forth is a bit tricky. 


Anyway, count on seeing some new stuff from me in the future in this medium.  Cheers!  Catboy Emoticon 

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This is very cool and awesome.
AzumetaPraline's avatar
so amazing *-*!!!!!!
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To save the world from devastation....
To unite all peoples within our nation....
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Even after watching Madoka Magica three times, i still wanna be a magical girl. And this thing i just saw is awesome. I'd love to try it one day.
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I don't even know what I just watched but it is amazing +1 fav
slendermanbeliver's avatar
what did I just watch
Patches67's avatar
You just watched the birth of a reluctant hero. Maid Hero 
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I would love to try doing this one day, it looks so good.
Roadkill-The-Raccoon's avatar
May I use this as my icon if I give you credit?
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I cant believe this got a DD!
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lol awesome like a lil movie xDD lovee this~
Well deserved DD!!!
Maerorem-Caligo's avatar
WAIT. Was that a reference to K-On!?
Patches67's avatar
Nope, but I do love that anime!  :La: in Love with :Dummy: 
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