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As we approach the one year anniversary of Pat's death, I have taken the time to fulfill many of his wishes throughout the year and reflect on what an important part he played in the lives of his friends and family.  It has been a really hard year with many ups and downs and we still miss Pat more and more each and every day and always will.  He is forever in our hearts!  I want to take the time to thank each and every one of you for your love and support over the last year!  Whether it was something simple as a phone call, note, donation, or other form of communication, it has all been greatly appreciated and it is something that I nor my family will ever forget as long as we live!   You guys are the best!  

I have been trying to find a way to give a little something back and also fulfill one of Pat's last wishes.  His wish was for me to go out to the comic conventions and sell his art for one year after he was gone.  With that said, I am happy to tell you that I am confirmed for 5 conventions this year!  I am also happy to say that a percentage of the proceeds made at the conventions will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Hospice of Charles County!   I am listing the conventions and dates below and I look forward to seeing and meeting many of you at the conventions this year!

Orlando, FL
March 25 -- March 27, 2011

Pittsburgh Comicon
Monroeville, PA
April 15 - 17, 2011

Wizard World Philly
Philadelphia, PA
June 17-19, 201…

Wizard World Chicago
Rosemont, IL
August 11-14, 2011…

Baltimore Comicon
Baltimore, MD
August 20-21, 2011

Dawn Carlucci



House Of Pop Culture!
Monday through Friday(10AM - 8PM)
Saturday(10AM - 7PM)
Sunday(12PM - 6PM)
PH: 301-638-7414
3635 Leonardtown Road
Waldorf MD. 20601
....Ya'll come back now....ya hear!!!!

My shows for 2010:

Orlando MEGACON 2010

Sincere RESPECT and luv to EVERYONE that has been so kind to comment, fav and watch my artistic shizzit..... BIG HUGS to you all...THANK YOU!!!!

Billy Mays Remembrance Stamp by vest
:iconwieringo: Remember Mike Wieringo June 24, 1963 - Aug 12, 2007
REMEMBERING Michael Turner April 21, 1971 - June 27, 2008
© 2011 - 2021 PatCarlucci
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OH WOW!! I haven't been to a Wizard World in a few years. NOW I want to go just to meet you!!
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I'm so sorry that he passed, i wish i could help you, but i can only provide moral support. I am, however, very confident that you'll do well in carrying out his wishes.
I say this for all when i say, Good luck!
panthera-panther's avatar
I wish you great success in the comic conventions Dawn..
theSwitt's avatar
I missed picking something up from you guys across the table from us a MegaCon, I definitely going to be by at Pittsburgh next week!
CE-Rap's avatar
I hope you guys come to NYCC. I only met the cat once, and would LOVE to get the chance to acquire some of his works.

He lived a life fulfilled, to say the least.
knighted-feline's avatar
How about keeping us in the loop how you and the family and friends are doing. I've kept this link because I thought it was great how well you stuck together through all his troubles. Stories about him would be great to hear. I keep this link to remind me that so much can be done in one life time.
TeenTitans4Evr's avatar
Dawn, The news of Pat's passing came as a shock to me when I met you & the Hot Inks team at Megacon last weekend. I did not know about his cancer and death from last March 2010. One of the most talented, creative & NICEST guys I have ever met in my convention travels. I was happy to buy a bunch of art from you last weekend & I have a few books worth of prints, original art & commisions by the great Carlucci that I will always cherish. *If you do a D.A. search for Terra Teen Titans - it's Pat's artwork that comes up as "alltime most popular" which is a good example of how he will live forever through his art in this digital world. -JOhn
CBGINK's avatar
Hey Dawn,
My name is Chris a.k.a. Ravendaloon from your husband's old Hotinks forum where I first meet Pat making him & others laugh their asses off. I hope your doing ok & know that we care a lot for Pat & yourself as well. Pat will always remain a great mentor & friend to me!!!
Speedslide's avatar
Dawn, you are an angel. Fitting, as we all that's where Pat is now, another angel looking down on his angel and smiling warmly...

In a harsh sense of irony, the day and month of Pat's passing coincides with the date I first joined this site. That stings the most for me. I only had brief discussions with him over DA for a few months, and I still feel that he was probably one of the nicest pros I've ever had the pleasure of talking to. Always so positive and open, even with amateurs like me.

That being said, it's a wonderful thing you're doing to honor Pat's wishes. My hat goes off to you, miss.

RIP, Pat. We all love you.
riclumb's avatar
Such a shame I never got to meet him in person, he was a great inspiration and friend to me online!

Love and best wishes!

JoKeR0720's avatar
Oh My! I might be able to make it to some of these!
Perhaps you should think about starting a donation for your travel expenses. Since proceeds will be going to a good cause.
You're doing good things.
integralsmatic's avatar
Ill be seeing you at Pittsburgh Dawn. Pat was an inspiration to us all artists and non-artists. I still miss the big fella. Ill be sure to contribute anyway i can if it takes buying some Original Art work or just donating to hospice and or lymphoma and leukemia research.

Ill be counting down the days before hand till i get to see you and Daryl.
Can't wait to meet you Dawn at Pitt.


PS. Are you at D's table where Pat used to be?
Tito-Mosquito's avatar
Wow. Its so nice of you to give his art. I'm sure he's happy to have everyone see his great works. :hug:
cMack454's avatar
A year, already? Man, everytime I drive by that Burger King in La Plata, I think on the times I met Pat there exchanged art, cash & conversation. I miss that dude -- what a classy, and happy, guy. I'll pour one out for Pat.

jimjimmyjones85's avatar
I remember when I first met you both ... it was such a magnetic meeting. The personality was so warm.

I treasure my current prints and will make a special effort to add more to the collection this year. I will see you in Philly !
NickMockoviak's avatar
I'll be seeing you at Pittsburgh and Baltimore Dawn.
MonicaRavenWolf's avatar
Hey Dawn,

We will see you at Mega-Con. You are truly a inspiring woman and your dedication shows a love with unbreakable strength. It is a vision to be embraced.

Thank you for keeping us all informed.

Be well,

Graven & Monica
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Ah... I wish I could make it to one of those. :(
the-kid36's avatar
wow it has been 1 year already. . . I wish i could make it out to those cons in the states. :(
VampOrchid's avatar
I wish you the best of luck! I hope you have lots of fun at the conventions.

I can't believe it's already been a year. I wish I could go to one of the comiccons. If I do, I will look for you.

Again, best wishes from my family to yours.
MizzBunnyKins's avatar
With best wishes and my blessings
ChakkaVoodz's avatar
Pat is smiling down while drawing on the big sketchboard in the sky...
Neo-Draco's avatar
Good luck to you dude.
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