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I have been working freelance for for the last 6 months and it has been a SUPER experience.  Big Boss-man Steve let's me do what I do best and really seems open for artistic ideas and input. Pretty rare these days.
I HIGHLY recommend you cats getting in on his ZOMBIES VS CHEERLEADERS pin-up contest.  Winning pin-ups will get published in issues of their new upcoming comic book series ZOMBIE VS CHEERLEADERS.
is fast becoming a red hot company and it is a GREAT chance for you amazing and talented artists to show your skills to the world.  If you give it your best effort it can possibly lead to regular work for the company... you never know, right!!!
Please visit for further details on what they are looking for concerning the contest and GIVE IT A TRY!!!!!!
Don't let your big chance slip away.....


I have been staring at this for an hour waiting to see what happens next.....




House Of Pop Culture!
Monday through Friday(10AM - 8PM)
Saturday(10AM - 7PM)
Sunday(12PM - 6PM)
PH: 301-638-7414
3635 Leonardtown Road
Waldorf MD. 20601
....Ya'll come back now....ya hear!!!!

My shows for 2010:

Orlando MEGACON 2010

Sincere RESPECT and luv to EVERYONE that has been so kind to comment, fav and watch my artistic shizzit..... BIG HUGS to you all...THANK YOU!!!!

Remember Mike Wieringo June 24, 1963 - Aug 12, 2007
REMEMBERING Michael Turner April 21, 1971 - June 27, 2008
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LivingDeadGirlNicole's avatar
Holy crap Batman!! This is awesome!! Is there a deadline?
PatCarlucci's avatar
Click this avatar :icon5finity: and read up on the details muh' dear! ;)
Good luck to ya!
kidchuckle's avatar
Can't wait to see what you worked on.

hahahhahaa thanks Pat for posting that!
gWebber's avatar
I'm on this like flies on stink !
123bonbon's avatar
i am sooooo down! oh btw what ever happened to that witchi boo thing i did?
PatCarlucci's avatar
..."oh btw what ever happened to that witchi boo thing i did?"
LMAO.... how would I know????
alonzobartley's avatar
Sounds like a plan. Need to flex those creative muscles of mine.

TheBoo's avatar
haha crazy, i'll have to have a peek at them :) who can ressist cheerleaders
TigrisCalmer's avatar
Very seriously considering entering, simply for the fun of it hahah. Expecting nothing, but it's too hard for me to find something that'll get me drawing these days
Maxi-knows-2-much's avatar
Thanks for the info Pat.

I will give it a try ;)

Makazo's avatar
thanks for the info. i'll start working on it and see if i can get something that doesn't suck too much.
ArtofJoshLyman's avatar
already sketching ideas. all the sequentials got taken ..bah
Kyle-Fast's avatar
Thanks for the heads up man, couldn't hurt to try eh?

yeah thats a true canadian "eh"
sketchartist76's avatar
I'm sooooo entering this bro!
WadeFurlong's avatar
If only I were into zombies or cheerleaderz:yum:
PatCarlucci's avatar
Just the thought of you drawing Zombies = EPIC win!
jaykoya's avatar
thanks for the heads up! I can't wait to do this!! :iconfinallyplz:
OptimusPraino's avatar
Awesome concept! How to refuse?! :D
I´ll try to get in!
Thanks for always letting us know, Pat!
ebony-chan's avatar
NickMockoviak's avatar
Thanks for the head's up Pat! I'll be all on this like butter on toast!
PatCarlucci's avatar
Good luck Nick!
Tell him to add your work to his books or I'll start adding drops of pee to the sketch cards! :pee:
Good luck to you amigo and to the amigo Steven!!!

PatCarlucci's avatar
You should totally enter this contest my friend!
You're an awesome artist I'm sure Steve will like!!!!!
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