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Dragon Anatomy Study

By patbunNF
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I just bought a book "DRACOPEDIA : THE GREAT DRAGONS" so I draw this to learn more of the correct way to draw dragons :D
Enjoy!! ;)
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May 16, 2015, 6:07:33 PM
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Very, very interesting...
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nice! it looks really good! are all 'fingers' of the wings attached to his hand? I can't really see it ;) anyway; great drawing, keep it up!
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Thank you :hug: :D and about the question,"attached to his hand?" I can't understand it clearly ^^;
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you are welcome ;) 
ehh... well, dragons do not really have hands, but it's that part of the wing that looks like it. Some of his fingers form his wings, while two others from claws. The 4 fingers that form his wings are a bit confusing; the first two are attached to... ehh... what shall I call it? I called it 'hand' but that might be confusing... the arm-part of the wing might be better. anyway, it's attached to that, but to what are the lower two 'fingers' of his wing connected? it looks like they are connected to the second 'wing finger', and I think that's a bit unusual.
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:hug: :heart:
Okay ^^, well, the lower 2 fingers are connected to the hand like normal, but the second finger (from above) is in front of that 2 below, and they're a bit curved, so they're some kind of hidden ;)
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ahh, I get it! sorry for asking... Kinda forgot about perspectives XD it makes sense now ;)
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^^ No need to sorry, everyone can have a question :D
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hihi, that's true ;)
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wow looking great!!! i have this book :) its so cool and helpfull!, i keep meaning to do something similar to this but i keep getting caught up in my other projects , i must make time for that! 
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Thank you ^^, I'm really surprised that you have this book :D It's really great book ;)
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that it is! :) , have you ever read dragon art and dragon art evolution by j "neondragon" peffer out of interest? 
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:D I never read them, but it's interesting to me too :) and this book of mine is my first dragon book :D Let me save some money for them ;)
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