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**edit: OMG i realized it looks creepy when i actually intended for something more emotional...and fear is not part of it ghawd what have i done ;u;**

'No matter how much we try, we'll just keep on hurting ourselves'

I'm just uggghhh feel a bit lonely and stressed -_-. Stupid school and thesis are so heavy...and I guess i've been watching too much horror games -_- [yep i watch horror games]

I wonder if i can really graduate ;u;
and I'm hungry but because i need to lose weight before my next birthday I have to like...lighten up -_-
I really need motivation to all of these problems -_-

Hope everyone's having a blast.

Also someone suggested me to read the manga "Kagerou Days" first before watching the anime itself. Some said that it was a bit different from the manga. So yeah lol I can't believe i got bored in the first three pages of it. The plot is good and yeah maybe i have bad taste of what's good or not. 

and because of school i never had time to really watch anime so i'm running out of ideas but thanks to watching pewdiepie's vids I'm having a blast with the games he's playing especially the horror pixel games >< I can't even play and i'm so glad someone can play it for me since i'm a scaredy cat lol

A good morning to all

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