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Welcome to Patapon-Club!

Hello and welcome everyone to Patapon-Club! This is a club for the fans of the outstanding and rhythmic PSP franchise, "Patapon"!

So what do we do?

First, join and become a member! Anyone is welcome. After that you can suggest favorites and create deviations for submission into the club.

The Rules

- ALL characters in the Patapon universe are welcome here! Crossovers are welcome too, so don't be shy.

- Original characters and alternate versions (Human, Animal, etc.) of characters are welcome! Please keep them relevant, however.

- Do NOT submit pornography, it will be rejected and ignored.

- Do NOT ask to become an co-founder for this group. Every co-founder is responsible for their own duties, it's not something you can just have. We're important people!

However, don't lose hope! You could be promoted if deemed to be a valuable member, so just remember that we're keeping an eye out!

- You CAN ask to become a contributor, being that you will live up to your name. (Common with submissions/favorites, regulating activities and keeping this group alive)

So that's it! Go on now and have some fun! (:


Lunaria the Moon Kamipon by EugeneCladsy127 Lunaria the Moon Kamipon :iconeugenecladsy127:EugeneCladsy127 2 0 Patapon Taterazay by RosemaryLumi Patapon Taterazay :iconrosemarylumi:RosemaryLumi 22 7 Patapon Yarida by RosemaryLumi Patapon Yarida :iconrosemarylumi:RosemaryLumi 21 5 Happy Birthday To Me! by AlmightyJak Happy Birthday To Me! :iconalmightyjak:AlmightyJak 1 18 SukuinushiPon  (Emilioyo OC) by TheBlueHell SukuinushiPon (Emilioyo OC) :iconthebluehell:TheBlueHell 2 7 Halfprism and Envious by Eniqui Halfprism and Envious :iconeniqui:Eniqui 5 3 Slogburger by Eniqui Slogburger :iconeniqui:Eniqui 17 13 Regalo para/Gift for Meteoro2190 by NovyCV Regalo para/Gift for Meteoro2190 :iconnovycv:NovyCV 7 6 But it looks so juicy! by IgelFullmetal But it looks so juicy! :iconigelfullmetal:IgelFullmetal 17 33 Lick Sirenascivia by Fireprinces20 Lick Sirenascivia :iconfireprinces20:Fireprinces20 2 2 We are Titanium! by PataponPlayers We are Titanium! :iconpataponplayers:PataponPlayers 2 0 All we want is Peace and Love. by PataponPlayers All we want is Peace and Love. :iconpataponplayers:PataponPlayers 2 0 Patapon Background by katrinpafford Patapon Background :iconkatrinpafford:katrinpafford 6 4 Meden cosplay Patapon 2 by mah-93 Meden cosplay Patapon 2 :iconmah-93:mah-93 2 0

Newest Members

Game designer Hiroyuki Kotani (of Patapon fame) is directing a new title named "Project JabberWocky". Kemmei Adachi (also of Patapon/LocoRoco fame) is composing the music, with character design by Nelnal.
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Group Info

Patapon fans unite! This club is all about the PSP franchise "Patapon" from Pyramid and Japan Studio.

Club originally founded by MechaGCell!
Founded 13 Years ago
Jan 5, 2010


Group Focus

646 Members
555 Watchers
107,963 Pageviews


Here is our current ranking system of members and their respective duties.

Founder - This is the owner of the club, he makes this organization tick. He does everything below and approves them before they go into action. If you have any questions or comments, direct them here!

Co-Founders - The admins of this club! They keep an eye out for trouble, approve submissions and manage members. If you have any questions or comments, also direct them here!

Contributors - Our lovely regular artists! They submit/approve deviations and favorites, occasionally making events. They keep this place worth visiting and being around!




Ever wanted a place where you could come together to chat, roleplay and collaborate as a community? Well, check out Patapon-Club's official Discord server!


Be sure to check out Patapedia, the number one source for all your Patapon-related needs!

Also check out these other clubs!



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Akitchu Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How can I become a Contributor? People aren't very active recently so i was wondering if I could become one to accept posts
roxy-the-dog Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Click "Join this Group" to be a member or click the "Watch" button to follow along. once you become a member you can start sending the art work when you're uploading it or afterwards on the menu on the group or the artwork itself.
Akitchu Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've been watching it ...since the creation of this account though? And I've been posting ever since?
Mayasacha Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2022  Hobbyist General Artist
I do accept posts pretty regularly, don't worry~
As for the contributor role, I am not the one who usually decide about that, but I do see you're pretty active here. I'll ask about it to others admins c;
Akitchu Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Much appreciated
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If only Patapon wasn't so underrated...
PataPonDonChaka Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2020
Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing okay! I was wondering if anyone would like to have the PataPonDonChaka username? Im not on here at all really and would like to give it to someone that is active on here! Also if anyone would like to use any of the OCs I made a while back as well! Just shoot me a note or chat !
Have an amazing day!
Haderoth Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for resubmitting a piece that was already accepted, I know you're not robots but accepting the first submission took so long that I thought you rejected it, that's why I resubmitted.
RoyalDolphin12 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2020  Student Writer
Hey everyone! Just a new Deviant here looking to share my literature.
I'm still kind of a noob to both writing and DeviantArt so please don't be mean ;w;
Haderoth Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
*is mean*
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