Let's go learn Katakana with chibiness

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Memorize katakana with chibi

Katakana Chibi Poster by starshock12

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Nice link, Patamy.

BTW, what is "DOTA"?
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Warcraft games DOTA (Defense of the Ancient) here watch thiz [link]
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Or, you could alternatively learn it by... learning it. I don't see how associating katakana characters with the first syllables of characters mostly appreciated by weeaboo is going to help any of them learn it.
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It's based on the proven theory of mnemonic based learning.

Heck, I still remember "Roy G. Biv", and I can assure you that I have no use for that knowledge now. lol
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...Roy G. Biv?

And while yes, mnemonics works, what I'm saying is the chibis themselves don't really do anything that would associate them with a certain kana, other than the first syllable of their name. It doesn't seem useful so much as fanwank. If the chibis were trying to be in the shape of their respective kana, though, that would probably be more helpful, as people would be all "Lol, wtf is up with that crazy ass pose."
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Actually, when I first looked at the chibis, the first thing I thought was that they were trying to pose like the katakana they are associated with. It's not super exaggerated, but I thought I noticed it.

Roy G. Biv
Think about the seven colors of the rainbow in their proper order. There's science to be done!
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It may look like it, but to me it seemed more like the "artist" just felt like making them look like they were floating because s/he was lazy. The most similar one I remember would be オ, though if you tell me that doesn't look a little like a floating person already, then you're tweaked. I was expecting stuff like this (this being an ア for アイス). Though this depiction is crude, I mean, an artist would've been able to think something up, right?

Yes, so much science to be done with the colors of the rainbow~
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certainly useful! XD
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Yay! So useful :3
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カワイイ!! :love:
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