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Myra misaka

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Contest entry for :iconanimedeviants: title Bleach! OC

Name : Myra misaka
Sex : Female
Age : ???(physically 15)
Zanpakutou : Scent Maiden
Shikai : La Scent [link]
Bankai : La Fantasia [link]
Division : 12th division

Her zanpakutou can produce scent to slow down the opponent speed within her radius and even it can paralize the opponent, the mirror can be her shield and her third eye. She immune from hakudou (dark art) because of her mirror can deflect the hakudou. When she release her "Bankai" The size of her mirror become Large and big even she can summons her guardian to fight for her, increase speed and power. She can absorb projectile power and counter it with powerfull scent that do slow penalty for her opponent.

She has a hollow mask and she cannot use too often because she afraid that the soul society will know her hollowfication and even she afraid that would encounter her hollow self that might take over her body how irony it is. Her finishing blow is fantasia that can petrify her opponent. some detail will be added later ;P

Download for full resolution :icononiononionplz:
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cartoonking10749Hobbyist Filmographer
She looks awesome.
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“Your schemes and sorcery are worthless. This ends simply.
My Axe. Your Blood. Another Skull for the Throne.”
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severxxHobbyist Traditional Artist
omg woah....
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Blackwind211Hobbyist Writer
I'll fight you......
Roar in the moonlight....Gin Okami!(Silver wolf)
your good enough for my Bankai......ready
Bankai!...Shiroi Tsuki Gin Okami(White moon Silver Wolf)
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Gothic-WolfieHobbyist Traditional Artist
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MiakaLinStudent General Artist
Ah man! I luve this character! 8D
Freakin awesome hair and mask!
and the shields are pretty kickin ;D
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Heya :) really awesome design for both Shikai and bankai :D i love the use of mirrors, in fact i helped a mate to create a Zanpaktou that has to do with mirrors. much like urs it can reflect/fend off spells :)
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Knightress221Professional General Artist
*jealous* OC looks so cute and cool! :la:
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Thank you :dance:
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SoulsCoreHobbyist Digital Artist
Great character, im really liking it :]
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Thank you :icongrin--plz:
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FanOfAkatsukiHobbyist Digital Artist
At first I thought it was Shaman King >D

Great job ^^
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Thanks :icononiononionplz:
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BtoKHobbyist Writer
nice job!
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Thank you :icongrin--plz:
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BtoKHobbyist Writer
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fadzreeqHobbyist General Artist
lawa...pose tu ok, expression pon ok!
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Terima kasih :dance:
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fadzreeqHobbyist General Artist
sesama seadanya~
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Chris-GarrettHobbyist General Artist
I really like the colours in this.
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Thank you :dance:
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susumusHobbyist General Artist
Awww... She's really cute~! And I like the coloring alot~~ <3
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