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MIWME page 15 by yoyoballkay MIWME page 15 :iconyoyoballkay:yoyoballkay 12 2 LEGO Deltarune by ProfMadness LEGO Deltarune :iconprofmadness:ProfMadness 106 8 [COMMISSION] Lucario and Eevee by SeviYummy [COMMISSION] Lucario and Eevee :iconseviyummy:SeviYummy 551 18 Dustox and Beautifly by LuluGraffitiBoard Dustox and Beautifly :iconlulugraffitiboard:LuluGraffitiBoard 36 2 [+Video] Reward For Charmsei by Neko-Rina [+Video] Reward For Charmsei :iconneko-rina:Neko-Rina 694 14 Commission: Cavern exploring by JA-punkster Commission: Cavern exploring :iconja-punkster:JA-punkster 289 21 Nightmare Moon Minecraft Pixel Art by Dauglion Nightmare Moon Minecraft Pixel Art :icondauglion:Dauglion 7 0 Suicune by awnii Suicune :iconawnii:awnii 113 2 Boo! by kemofoo Boo! :iconkemofoo:kemofoo 73 10 'I Put A Spell On You...' by destiny-doodles 'I Put A Spell On You...' :icondestiny-doodles:destiny-doodles 96 23 #492 - Inktober: Jolt by RodentNomNom #492 - Inktober: Jolt :iconrodentnomnom:RodentNomNom 73 4 Bob Ross inspired - pixel art by DwarvenCenturion Bob Ross inspired - pixel art :icondwarvencenturion:DwarvenCenturion 6 0 NES Bowser Sprite pattern by porgo0 NES Bowser Sprite pattern :iconporgo0:porgo0 1 0 NES Link sprite pattern by porgo0 NES Link sprite pattern :iconporgo0:porgo0 1 0 pikachu Sprite by porgo0 pikachu Sprite :iconporgo0:porgo0 1 0 old school Donkey Kong Sprite pattern by porgo0 old school Donkey Kong Sprite pattern :iconporgo0:porgo0 1 0

Pokemon Pixel Challenge

Generation 1:

#001 Bulbasaur: #001-Bulbasaur Pixel Art by Pat-The-Kitsune
#002 Ivysaur: #002-Ivysaur Pixel Art by Pat-The-Kitsune
#003: Venusaur: #003-Venusaur Pixel Art by Pat-The-Kitsune
#004 Charmander: #004-Charmander Pixel Art by Pat-The-Kitsune
#005: Charmeleon:-Coming Soon-
#006: Charizard:
#007: Squirtle:
#008: Wartortle:
#009: Blastoise:
#010: Caterpie:
#011: Metapod:
#012: Butterfree:
#013: Weedle:
#014: Kakuna:
#015: Beedrill:
#016: Pidgey:
#017: Pidgeotto:
#018: Pidgeot:
#019: Rattata:
#020: Raticate:
#021: Spearow:
#022: Fearow:
#023: Ekans:
#024: Arbok:
#025: Pikachu:
#026: Raichu:
#027: Sandshrew:
#028: Sandslash:
#029: Nidoran (Female):
#030: Nidorina:
#032: Nidoran (Male):
#033: Nidorino:
#034: Nidoking:
#035: Clefairy:
#036: Clefable:
#037: Vulpix:
#038: Ninetales:
#039: Jigglypuff:
#040: Wigglytuff:
#041: Zubat:
#042: Golbat:
#043: Oddish: #043-Oddish Pixel Art by Pat-The-Kitsune
#044: Gloom: #044-Gloom Pixel Art by Pat-The-Kitsune
#045: Vileplume: #045-Vileplume Pixel Art by Pat-The-Kitsune
#046: Paras:
#047: Parasect:
#048: Venonat:
#049: Venomoth:
#050: Diglett:
#051: Dugtrio
#052: Meowth:
#053: Persian:
#054: Psyduck:
#055: Golduck:
#056: Mankey:
#057: Primeape:
#058: Growlithe:
#059: Arcanine:
#060: Poliwag:
#061: Poliwhirl:
#062: Poliwrath:
#063: Abra:
#064: Kadabra:
#065: Alakazam:
#066: Machop:
#067: Machoke:
#068: Machamp:
#069: Bellsprout: #069-Bellsprout Pixel Art by Pat-The-Kitsune
#070: Weepinbell: #070-Weepinbell Pixel Art by Pat-The-Kitsune
#071: Victreebel: #071-Victreebel Pixel Art by Pat-The-Kitsune


Decided to put up this widget as special thanks to anybody who donates to and/or advertises my friend's go-fund-me page at

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Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

Donations made so far:

$20 donation made by :iconsassafrass002::
Zim + Gir by sassafrass002 Princess Toadstool by sassafrass002 PTK - Space Alien Cave Kitty by sassafrass002
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Demon Elf (Dream) by JohnKasha Sleepy by JohnKasha CommunicationOne meaning is not universal.
People are many, with mouths that shouts.
Words are heard and misunderstood.
We meld and bleed and melt.

Will make something awesome in exchange. ;)
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Hey, you guys! Long time, no see! :) Sorry for the lack of activity this past month. Was visiting family for a while and ended up extending my trip by an additional two weeks. I'm finally back home though and ready to upload the next writing prompt for my monthly contests. Before I get to announcing the next theme though, please feel free to check out the voting poll for last month's contest if you haven't already. Results will be announced a little later in the week for those of you who have been waiting. That being said, hope you all enjoy this month's chosen theme. ;)

Entry Guidelines:

Star! Each entry must in some way comply with the monthly theme of the contest. In this case, the theme for this contest is going to be EDIBLE. Based off this one word, you may write anything that comes to mind for it. HOWEVER, there will be a limit to the number of words each entry can have.

Star! The word limit for this contest will be 500 words MAXIMUM. Why such a tight limit? Well, to put things simply, I want entrants to think as out of the box as possible. Entries need not be entire stories but rather scenes from stories, or even just thoughts. By limiting how much each contestant can write for this contest, I'm hoping it will motivate them to think carefully about their word choice. I don't want just the first thing you throw together (I mean, unless you really want to submit something unrevised). Rather, go over your entry a few times, read it out loud to yourself after taking a break, and try to cut out anything you might consider to be word garbage. If your writing becomes too rambly (like mine often does), it can often help to limit your word choices. After all, this contest is all about QUALITY. Not quantity.

Star! Entries can be submitted in whatever format you so chose. They can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, fanfiction, reviews, or even part of an essay, just so long as they stick to the theme of EDIBLE. If you're planning on writing something LONGER than the 500 word maximum, then I'll need you to pick out the part you feel best exemplifies the theme in question. So basically, if you want to upload something longer than 500 words, you can. However, you'll only be judged on the 500 word excerpt you send as part of your entry . (If you're on a roll with something, then roll with it. ;) (Wink) Just be sure you send what you feel to be the best part of your written entry. What you do with the rest of your work is your own business.)

Star! There is NOT a limit to how many entries you can submit. If you wish to enter more than one sample of writing for this contest, you can feel free to, just so long as each entry abides by the above guidelines. :) (Smile) (Example-You could submit one entry that's fictional and another that's poetic. Or let's say you want to submit a single scene from a fanfiction you're writing and another from an original story you have in the works. It's all good so long as the excerpts stick to the contest guidelines.)

Star! Entries may exemplify the chosen theme in whatever way(s) you see fit. So, for instance, if a word has more than one meaning (and I'll be sure to outline all possible meanings at the bottom of this journal), then you can feel free to interpret it in your work whichever way inspires you the most. Leave your minds open to the possibilities and feel free to enter with more than one interpretation of the word "edible." The point of this contest is to inspire creativity. Perhaps somebody else's writing will inspire the way YOU write a certain scene or scenario.


Now, in regards to the contest rules for entering, I'll try to keep things short and simple.

Rule #1: ALL PARTICIPATING ENTRANTS MUST FAVE AND ADVERTISE THIS JOURNAL. The only reason I'm saying this is because I'd like to grow this contest's audience.

Rule #2: You do NOT have to be watching me in order to enter. I don't like forcing new people to watch me if they don't care for my art. But if you think this contest may be something fun you might want to take part in, don't be shy to submit an entry. ;) (Wink) Anybody is welcome to join this contest so long as they follow the above rule.

Rule #3: All participating entrants will receive a feature on my front page along with their written works. So if you'd rather NOT have such attention drawn to you or your work (some people can be shy about sharing their writing), please let me know in a private note and I'll share the work as an anonymous entry.

Rule #4: NO FLAMING PARTICIPATING ENTRANTS. If I see any of that going on, users will be reported and blocked. Criticism is fine IF THE WRITER PERMITS IT, but otherwise, let's try to keep this contest fun and drama-free.

Rule #5: Depending on the amount of entries I get, three will be chosen, by me, to be judged for first, second, and third place prizes. Once I have three entries ready for judging, the final entries will be placed into a poll to help me decide on the winners. 

Deadline: October 31st, 2018 11:59:59 PM EST (Note: Since I'm extending this contest a bit longer than some of the past contests were, contest results may be announced some time following the release of next month's contest. So please bear with me. I would like to give people more time to submit entries while still allowing voters time to read and decide on which entries they enjoy the most).

Available prizes:

3rd place winner will receive 10 Points

2nd place winner will receive 20 Points

1st place winner will receive 50 Points

All runners-up will remain featured on my page (along with their written entries) for up to a month (or until judging for the next month's contest begins).

Sorry if the prizes don't seem as glamorous or worthwhile as some other contests may offer, but realistically speaking, I can only spare so much cash each month to purchase DA Points, what with having monthly health, car, and insurance payments to make. Perhaps in the future if this contest remains a regular thing, I'll be able to offer some bigger prizes to winners, but for now, I figured I'd keep the prizes relatively small for a 500 word contest.

Hope some of you will consider joining! :) (Smile) And have fun, of course! Wink/Razz


Contest Word Breakdown:

Edible (Adjective): Suitable for use as food. (Able to be eaten, succulent, tasty, comestible, digestible, eatable, esculent, nourishing, nutritious, nutritive, palatable, savory, toothsome)


:star: Entries So Far:

:iconhorseg27:: Food for ThoughtVella stared down at the plate the server had just placed in front of her. If she had been anywhere else, she would have grimaced, pushed it away from her and made sure to get something that didn’t make her want to hurl. As it was, she swallowed the lump in her throat and tried to not look so apprehensive about the forthcoming meal.
Noticing her paled cheeks, Joseph leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Everything okay?”
“I’m starting to wish they’d bring the soup back,” she whispered in return.
A roguish smirk crossed his face as he bit back a laugh. “You’re not feeling squeamish now, are you?”
“Of course not,” Vella retorted. “I’m just—” she eyed the plate in front of her, “—not sure if this is even edible.”
“Funny thing to be having for dinner if we can’t eat it,” he grinned, sticking a forkful of neeps and tatties, also known as mashed swedes and mash


:star: Feature of Last Month's Contest Entries:

:iconhorseg27:: Hope in the Hopeless“What are you hoping for?”
The young man lying on the grass beside her raised an eyebrow. “You mean like for dinner?”
She rolled her eyes, unable to hide a fond grin. “No, I meant for your future. What do you want out of life, where do you see yourself in ten years?”
Joseph hummed, settling back down to stare at the clouds. “Hadn't really thought about it before?”
“And now?”
He pondered it for a moment. “I think I'll have more of a name for myself. Very few have heard of the Raccoon so far, which is how I'd prefer it, but it's gonna happen as long as I do what I do.”
“You don't think you'll find another path?” Vella asked.
“Nah. Why give it up when I generally like what I do?”
“You know it scares me when you go off on ‘tasks’.”
Turning to face her, he smirked, “You'd rather me give it all up and settle down with a boring job like a normal person who never has an

:icondeviantgirl2014:: OneironauticsHis heart thudded painfully in his chest to the beat of the music. He and the girl beside him both panted heavily from a mixture of adrenaline and fear.
They looked each other in the eyes, and she was the first to speak. "You need to come find me."
"Find you?" He questioned. "What do you mean? I'm right here."
"No, you're not." She peeked over the edge of the counter and, after a moments hesitation, snatched the abandoned business card. "Here. Don't forget." She shoved the card into his front pocket.
The doors flew open with a thunderous bang.
He laid in bed for at least an hour after he woke up from that dream, the face of the girl-who couldn't have been older than 18-burned into his mind, and her words echoing. Find her? He had no idea who she was! As hard as he tried to forget, however, he couldn't. The terrified expression on her face was too genuine to have been invented in his mind.
It wasn't until he was on the beach that afternoon with his head

:iconcoyoteheart:: Dreamscape    I feel myself drifting into a dark abyss, into a realm full of untold secrets and mysteries not yet unraveled.  Deeper and deeper I drift until there is nothing but black.  It’s an uneasy feeling.  I see nothing, hear nothing and have no way out.  That’s when I notice the landscape changing around me.  Red, sandy cliffs jut from the red, sandy soils and a low, orange-pink glow shines from the horizon. At first the landscape is peaceful, almost as if I was on another planet but then this sense of urgency sets in.  I need to find a way out.  Turning in tight circles I search for anything that could help and with no luck fear begins to sink in.  There is nothing else here but sand, not even wind or noise, but then something catches my eye under one of the cliffs.  I cautiously approach the object, which I come to realize is a mirror.  This gives me a momentary distraction from the urgency of before.  However,


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, random viewers, and welcome to my awkward little corner of the internet, hidden deep within the confines of the DeviantArt community! :)

My name is Pat, and I'm just a 29-year-old writer/artist who is crazy about the cartoons and games of my childhood. :3 For over 12 years now, I've been lurking in the dark of this website and uploading my questionably-tasteful art. Lol. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing but am overall a self-taught artist. I am shy but opinionated and currently have a rather "unhealthy" obsession with the old hit Nickelodeon show, Invader Zim. I've been posting art and fanfics for this fandom since 2006 and doubt I'll be stopping anytime soon. Some of my current works-in-progress include the ZADR fanfics, "ZADR Orange" and "Dib Is Sick," two roleplays that have gathered quite the audience over the years since their initial postings back in 2010 and 2011, respectively. I hope to write many more in the near (or distant) future as my passion for the IZ universe and its characters has yet to fade. I try to stay out of the fandom drama nowadays though so kindly stay far away from me if you're only looking to start a war. :)

Outside of DA, I live a pretty hectic lifestyle working full time as a professional pet groomer and freelance educational writer. When I'm not working, I'm usually spending my free time with family/friends, writing/working on my art, or simply creating elaborate pixel arts in Minecraft. I also hold the occasional Livestream where people are free to come and see what I'm currently working on.

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

Livestream Status: Offline

Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara

Other websites you can find me at include the following:

:bulletred: Livestream:…
:bulletorange: Tumblr:
:bulletyellow: FanFiction:…
:bulletgreen: FurAffinity:…
:bulletblue: NEXGen Sprites:…
:bulletpurple: Facebook:

In addition to these other websites, I can also be found operating several separate DA accounts on here:

:star: Past Accounts:


:star: Current Side Accounts:


Please feel free to add me as a friend or message me if you're interested in learning more about me. Thanks for visiting! ;)

Requests - Open by SweetDuke (Minecraft Pixel Art Requests Only)
Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke Collaborations - Ask Me by SweetDuke (Trades and Collaborations I may or may not do depending on what you want done.)
Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke (Note me for details about commission prices and examples. Note: Pixel commissions come with complimentary speed video. Pixel requests do NOT.)
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke (I only do gifts for friends I consider to be super close to me.)
No Kiribans by SweetDuke (I don't really care for pageviews on here.)

Personal Quotes:

Some people love me for who I am. Other people hate me for who I am. But at least I am who I am and not another copycat out to make myself popular through the imitation of others~:heart:

Practice and patience are an artist's most valuable tools~:heart:

Don't judge me and I won't judge you. Deal? :heart:

Additional interests not mentioned above:

Invader Zim stamp by pantheon9000 MLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-Chibi Fairly Odd Parents Stamp by Mintaka-TK :thumb272456691:
Powerpuff Girls Animated Stamp by dA--bogeyman .Danny Phantom Stamp. by White-Wolfen Pokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessence Yowamushi Pedal St by al-moozaayaaf
.~Mario Stamp~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword Stamp by DMN666 Donkey Kong Stamp by MajinPat Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Samus Aran by Kevfin
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Stamp - Ver. 2 by Kheila-S Dragon Ball Super Anime Stamp by SeiichiroYogaLBX21 Minecraft Stamp by kimbo2450 .hack//sign fanstamp by Xiahism
Sakura Trick Stamp 2 by Paranoxias Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir-Stamp~ by Geeky-Bunny Oneshot Stamp by saralibrary

And much, much more I can't think of off the top of my head at the moment! :heart: Will add more onto this list at a later time. :)

If I were to start holding monthly writing contests, with DA :points: as a prize, would any of my active watchers be interested in joining said contests? 

8 deviants said I would! :)
No deviants said Nope. Sorry.
No deviants said Comment
No deviants said If I get 3 or more interested deviants willing to participate, I'll go ahead and write up a journal for it. ;P


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