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Who could have!? by Pat-Sonik-Omen Who could have!? :iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 2 2 Image 3 by Pat-Sonik-Omen Image 3 :iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 2 0 Image 2 by Pat-Sonik-Omen Image 2 :iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 0 0 Image 1 by Pat-Sonik-Omen Image 1 :iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 0 0 Slow days at Highvale. by Pat-Sonik-Omen Slow days at Highvale. :iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 0 4 HardatWork by Pat-Sonik-Omen HardatWork :iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 0 8
Writer's Block
Thinking, pondering, and other verbs
that explain my personal disaster
of finding the right words,
a talent, I still try to master.
Punching in letters, constructing
sentences, is it that no ideas flow to me?
Or an unseen force obstructing
my sense of creativity.
I want an inspiration,
I try to think of something new,
something not in relation
of me dreaming about you!
Having yet nothing to write about,
I say, fuck this! I think I might just go out.
:iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 0 10
Haiku 15:5:2011
My future unclear
choices to be decided
Should I stay, or go?
:iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 0 4
Heart of the City
If home is where the heart
is, then my heart is with the city
in the dead of night, where worlds and friendships fall apart,
and the ones who are stricken with their past, are seen without pity.
Alleyways, crevices of the face of something so hideious,
but yet, enigmatic and insidous,
mixed feelings of desolation and apprehension,
the gloom of the city skyline, a beacon of condescension.
Rooftops, the higher ground, escapes from the surface,
escape from the sidewalks below, each plate, snapshots
of exhausted nights. Looking out to the horizon, the night has nearly gone to rot,
a gleam of light selvages the horizon, the sun institutes it's resurface.  
Transformation begins when sunlight pierces the shroud of obscurity,
aurora has arrived, the place I call home, now a product of purity.
:iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 0 3
BEHOLD, THE PANTS TREE by Pat-Sonik-Omen BEHOLD, THE PANTS TREE :iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 2 11
To Love A Goddess
To Love a Goddess
We stood, face to face, she looked at me with her head tilted to her side, smiling at me with her rose petal soft lips, her shiny bead-like eyes and her hair freely but still showing the relaxation inside of her. They were as clear as diamonds, with the depth of the color of mud. The lessons I learned from just by looking into her eyes where above and beyond whatever a book could teach and they also showed me emotions that I would never understand or comprehend.
When I heard her voice, she made me discover the meaning of serenity and peacefulness that could drive me or any mortal man into a deep insanity. I would anticipate every moment she spoke a single clear-toned word to me, thus drawing me closer to her near perfected existence.
I held her close to me; I could feel her warm embrace melting away the cold that froze me inside. I could also feel and see my inner demons and sins that had blackened and poisoned my mind and heart, being banished from my body and dying
:iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 0 6
I dream.
I dream of the day you let me into your world,
of the moments we embrace, of the chances we share
our secrets, with my hands, veiled in your hair,
your breath as intoxicating as any rose unfurled.
I dream of our first kiss,
the times of our innocence,
the absence of violence, our mutual bliss,
ridding our ghosts of virulence.
I dream of our first fight, and how we forget,
we hold hands, the pain we omit,
a life without eachother, is a life we cannot submit,
I dream of us standing together a couple, on a vignette.
I want to give you my heart, my quality of liberality,
will you make my dream, become reality?
By Sam Craske
:iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 3 10
Good times in the VCE center. by Pat-Sonik-Omen Good times in the VCE center. :iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 0 10
What started as two strangers, will fabricate
one love. Can someone so plainspoken,
be interested in someone of such energy? I wonder; could this be fate?
Even when I am depressed and broken,
I will keep you safe through the darkest days,
and by night, watch you sleep.
In any trial, by your side, forever I will stay,
wiping those tears for when you weep.
But as your passion for me ceases it's flow
through your veins, becoming as exhausted as a bone,
A young romance that will forgo.
I will turn and walk this season alone.
But maybe one day, you will look back on this, years on through.
Feel my grief embody your sanctity and fabricate regret; I have ached for you.
By Sam Craske
:iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 0 0
Behold.....THE ART by Pat-Sonik-Omen Behold.....THE ART :iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 0 6 Not falling for that again by Pat-Sonik-Omen Not falling for that again :iconpat-sonik-omen:Pat-Sonik-Omen 1 0

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Hello, as you can see, this is my profile, you may call me Pat-Sonik-Omen or refer to me by my other alias Jester.

Feel free to browse around, although I haven't submitted new work in awhile. If you want you can friend me/watch me I don't mind, of course I will return the favor.

- Sam

Current Residence: Ferntree Gully Melbourne
Favourite genre of music: Anything that sounds good :D
Operating System: 7
MP3 player of choice: Android Phone ;D
Hey community!

I am doing the Melbourne City Romp with a friend and we need sponsors willing to donate to our team, but more importantly, to the event's cause! :)
By sponsoring us, you put our team in the draw to win prizes, but also the funds will go towards research to finding cures for HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis on the behalf of the Burnet Institute.
We ask though, that no "physical" donations should be made, but rather, transactions through electronic means for convenience purposes.

Our team profile is here:

City Romp can be found here:


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