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FEATURING Chris Hoffman

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 26, 2011, 8:07 AM

Chris is a FANTASTIC artist and I believe he should be wildly successful with the style of work he does!!! He created some AMAZING collages. His gallery is bright and colorful and is a pleasure to your eyes.  Please go visit his wonderful…
Led Zeppelin t shirt vector by choffman36 Caddyshack two by choffman36 Kiss commission 5 by choffman36 Ghostbusters by choffman36
Led Zeppelin 2 by choffman36 Stevie Ray Vaughan by choffman36 Paging Mr. Herman by choffman36 Frank Frazetta by choffman36
Lydia lady bug by choffman36

My Nephew's Drawings

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 23, 2010, 9:13 AM

My nephew Paul McMichael :iconlumpygravy:, He has a wonder graphite gallery that shows incredible progress over the past couple years! His shading style is very much like my own ( must run in the family).  Please go take a look through his gallery and witness the HUGE leap forward he has made.

Izabella Miko by LumpyGravy Taylor Swift by LumpyGravy Kristin Kreuk Again by LumpyGravy
Alfred E. Neuman by LumpyGravy A Model by LumpyGravy

Featuring Stefanie Achtnig

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 7, 2010, 6:50 AM

I've been a Big Fan of Stefanie's artwork for years.  Although she would say otherwise, she has one of the MOST UNIQUE and recognizable styles of drawing.  I can identify one of her drawings a mile away.  She is the BEST artist around for drawing cute cartoon girls.  If you are like me and enjoy pretty cartoon girls, please check out her gallery and blog!
:icongantzaistar:   Her Blog: A Must See!!!!!

Sadako by GantzAistar Kei Kishimoto by GantzAistar Anzu Yamasaki by GantzAistar Pocketreika by GantzAistar Cartoony Ami by GantzAistar Kumi Listen by GantzAistar

Mature Content

Gantzscangirl by GantzAistar
CT Ayla by GantzAistar CT Marle by GantzAistar Marker Marle by GantzAistar
Flea by GantzAistar Beardressgirl by GantzAistar Ayla Cute by GantzAistar Koja Yukino by GantzAistar

Featuring Toni Hariyanto ( toniart57 )

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 21, 2010, 4:44 AM

Absolutely AMAZING drawings from Indonesian artist Toni Hariyanto!
His artwork is so incredibily clean and percise, I am blown away with
each new piece that comes to his amazing gallery. Please visit his page
and prepare to be impressed. :icontoniart57:
Lucy by toniart57 TINA by toniart57 DR. Tanudjaya by toniart57 Anna by toniart57
Disa by toniart57 ASEP DJ by toniart57 Sita by toniart57:thumb129182124:
:thumb114496047: ASTRID FEBRINA by toniart57 Caricature 1 by toniart57 Take A Pray by toniart57

Featuring Krzysztof Lukasiewicz from Poland

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 18, 2010, 6:06 AM

I find an incredible appeal to this artists' work!  I totally LOVE these portraits and the consistent style and warmth of sepia tones.  Please give your eyes the pleasure of this wonderful collection of AMAZING portraits. GO HERE: :iconkrzysztof20d:
catherine by krzysztof20d portrait by krzysztof20d mel by krzysztof20d diane2 by krzysztof20d
charlize by krzysztof20d keira by krzysztof20d brad by krzysztof20d angelina 2 by krzysztof20d
portrait 12 by krzysztof20d portrait 11 by krzysztof20d portrait3 by krzysztof20d portrait4 by krzysztof20d

FEATURING Henrik Moses - Shimoda7

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 25, 2010, 5:45 AM

I Absolutely Love This artists work!  Such precision and smoothness combined with skill and natural talent!!!  A delight to my eyes.
Audrey Tautou by shimoda7 e:motion by shimoda7 Beholder by shimoda7 Thinking by shimoda7
Jesus of Nazareth by shimoda7 Portrait of a girl by shimoda7 Prisoner of my own by shimoda7 Can't turn back time by shimoda7

Have a look at his Official Website:

I'm Working on a Portrait Tutorial

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 26, 2010, 10:24 AM

If you go to my scrap folder, you can see that I started posting a "tutorial" of sorts, explaining some of the techniques I use when drawing a human face.  Lots of nice people have been asking me to do this for a while now.  I hope some of these tips are useful.
My Technique - part 1 by pat-mcmichael My Technique - part 2 by pat-mcmichael My Technique - part 3 by pat-mcmichael My Technique - part 4 by pat-mcmichael
My Technique - part 5 by pat-mcmichael


Journal Entry: Tue Jan 12, 2010, 7:22 AM

I think her drawings are Brilliant, Fun, Alive, Pure and Natural.  100% talent comes through on every one of her sketches. Please do yourself a favor and visit her page!
I love these kind of drawings.
Red Batgirl Pencils by ArtofLaurieB Cinderella Pencils by ArtofLaurieB Slave Leia Pencils by ArtofLaurieB
Jessica Rabbit by ArtofLaurieB Smurfette Pencils by ArtofLaurieB Catwoman Aquarium Pencils by ArtofLaurieB
Quick...Go There Now :iconartoflaurieb:

Artists I admire

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 20, 2008, 7:38 AM

These artists Kick HUGE portions of Ass!


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I've joined DeviantArt almost 4 years ago to the day! I've finally been awarded a Daily Deviation feature!
It was for my sleeping beauty drawing, THE LEAST FAVORITE OF ALL THE DRAWINGS in my gallery.
The drawing I did at the last minute for a birthday gift, the drawing I spent the least amount of time on, one of the smallest drawings as well!  Although it's nice to be recognized, I really wish it was for a drawing I spent much more time and detail to create!  Just last week, I was going to remove THIS drawing from my gallery, along with 4 others, but I was called away from my computer.
It's kind of like being a great singer and being famous for a BURP!
Some artists I watch receive 100,000 views for a simple sketch of the quite common ANIME character holding up two fingers and winking! ( you've seen them)...and it's taken me 4 years to reach 90k views for my entire catalog of work!  Very discouraging!
Well, I hope I don't sound like a prick, but I do appreciate the DD, I only wish it was for a drawing I put my heart into!

I am very grateful to be recognized....I only feel sad that many of my drawings go un-noticed in a vast sea of mediocre digital trickery....I've been drawing my entire life, long before the introduction of the personal computer...and it is very discouraging to the traditional artist to see so much fanfare and accolades showered upon Glossy Photoshop filters and digital tracings! Please don't underestimate my appreciation!
Thank You, AunJuli :iconaunjuli:  for appreciating traditional methods of creating art.
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Well, I won't be doing any drawing for a while! My hand was ripped open by a screen door handle! I had my dog on a leash and she blasted out the door, slamming my hand into the handle.The flat handle went through of my hand. It felt like being smashed by a hammer.
This sucks, I do EVERYTHING with this hand. I received 12 stitches to close it up. In 2 weeks , the stitches will come out and hopefully I can draw again! Ouch!
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These artists Kick HUGE portions of Ass!
:iconathenatt: :iconmaiafay: :iconshimoda7: :iconlittle-faerie-bits: :iconmichelleion: :icongolfiscool: :iconblutack::iconpaullung:
:iconphoenirius: :iconisabelchiang: :icondalenorvell: :iconmarziiporn: :iconamyclark: :iconbjt: :iconimaginee: :iconeddieholly:
:iconcrimmy: :iconvltz: :iconcavale: :iconarminmersmann: :iconweezie: :iconanythingbutdown: :iconchoffman36: :iconlianne-issa:
:iconzindy: :icontunaferit: :icondiri: :iconkaduflyer: :iconlittleramona: :iconkristymariethomas: :iconper-svanstrom:  :iconlatent-talent: