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March 12, 2008
I often feature pencil portraits of characters that are portrayed by people, but AURORA sleeping beauty by ~pat-mcmichael is so stunning and the character is brought to life by his pencil and technique! His gallery is full of portraits as well, but I really hope you enjoy this beautiful black and white take on one of Disney's colorful characters!
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AURORA sleeping beauty

AURORA from Disney's© Sleeping Beauty. Just a quick sketch (under 3 hours).
This is a birthday gift for our 3 year old niece Lindsey!
She is having a Disney Princess party theme and we asked who her favorite princess was. Her mother told us "Sleeping Beauty".
She already has my BELLE drawing hanging in her bedroom, This will be a good match.
I was going to do her a nice Ariel mermaid drawing....maybe next year!
• 8" x 10" smooth bristol paper
• 2B and H pencil leads in a mechanical pencil
• gotta get this framed before Saturday!
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© 2007 - 2021 pat-mcmichael
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a Disney princess tnat deserves better

Oliviaquijano13's avatar
She's very Beautiful, my Friend. :) ;)
Oliviaquijano13's avatar
tomboysquirrel's avatar
This is very pretty but what's with her boobs?? I feel like I'm being punched in the face by them, no offense
pat-mcmichael's avatar
It's been my experience that many females have these!!!!, I'm OK with that.
Jokerz-1824's avatar
I don't think he referring to the breasts themselves, but rather the fact that Aurora looks like she's wearing a catsuit instead of a gown.
It's beautiful !!
OpaqueFerret's avatar
Wow. This turned out great :)
Midway2009's avatar
My favorite. 
Rose9227614's avatar
Such marvelous work! :D
Jenwhite235's avatar
Your drawling has so much detail!!!
Her hair looks beautiful!!!
And the eyes are so big!!!
..... I love itXD
RyanValentineComics's avatar
The way you render light in this image is remarkable.
auroraprecious8's avatar
LilGayEmo's avatar
I`m not sure if its ok when I laugh about when aurora pricked her finger on the spindle
kittygatotreats's avatar
Such a beautiful piece!
JP-Studio's avatar
Wow, that is great for just a quick sketch!
This work is under 3 hours?? O.O Wow, unbelievable.
The hair is fantastic!
korwis's avatar
Ammazing work! I am quite stunned (in a good way) :D
bluebelle-88's avatar
She looks amazing
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