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By PAStheLoD
So, a few years passed, even dA upgraded their already awesome user interface. Now, I think, it's the most usable, most stable, most reliable UI on the web, even better than GMail.

During the years I've shamelessly crawled the galleries and saved thousands of mindblastingly breathtaking pieces of astounding megasomness. Mostly wallpapers, but now I've a room of my very own, with a lot of empty wall-space.

So, it's no longer just my electronic desktop aesthetics at stake. I'm going to put a few prints up there, on my walls.

Just a matter of time. I happen to live 20 minutes walk from a great printing studio, but I'm so lazy, it'll sure take a few months to make some progress :)

Also, thanks for the comments. I'm still happy that I've +faved every single one of those pictures. They're pure brilliantness. I envy your skills :]
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I love your passion for art my friend :)
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Áz. [néz, válogat]