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Thief To Maid by wannabeamy Thief To Maid :iconwannabeamy:wannabeamy 81 4 Hypnosis Broken by wannabeamy Hypnosis Broken :iconwannabeamy:wannabeamy 38 1 Accept Your Fate by wannabeamy Accept Your Fate :iconwannabeamy:wannabeamy 36 2
Easter Dinner TG TF Story
    Seventeen year old Mason grinned as he approached his local church for Easter dinner. He wore his Sunday best, typical white long sleeve button up shirt with a white undershirt underneath, black dress pants down to his ankles, covering his black socks, despite his outfit, he still wore black tennis shoes.
Mason chuckled to himself as he checked a grocery bag he was holding. The bag was completely filled with prank items. Stink bombs, whoopee cushions, exploding toilet seat, and sound makers. "This is going to be so much fun." Mason hated having to go to the service. His parents weren't even going, they were going on a date. But they told him he HAD to go. So he was going to make sure he was as disruptive as possible.
He approached the church as an Old woman looked over at him, "What do you have there Mason?" She smiled towards him comfortingly.
Mason quickly hid the bag behind his back. "O-Oh, just a bit of a treat for the dinner."
The woman smiled at him as he walked by
:icontftgcaptions:TFTGCaptions 60 3
The Club of Sequin (Simply Sequin Fansubmission)
    Christopher walked through the dark streets, light shining from the moon and the streetlamps. He was so excited to go to the famous Club Rose. He heard from his friends that lately it's been completely packed with ladies. As he was walking, he noticed the huge amount of women in Sequin dresses walking towards the direction. Their heels clacking each step they took as each group smiled and talked amongst themselves. Christopher's face began practically beaming, thinking of how many women he will have a chance with tonight. A group of three woman approached him.
"Hello!" A woman with dark brown hair down her back and a black sequin dress that revealed her curves well. "You're headed to Club Rose tonight?" A grin creeping on her face as she looked to her four friends.
Christopher's heart skipped a beat. "Oh yeah! I heard it has really been improving these past days!"
The woman nodded, "It sure has. I've been there everyday this week. It has really improved for the better."
:icontftgcaptions:TFTGCaptions 36 7
A Bridal Game TG TF Story
Sarah rolled her eyes, she was trying to enjoy herself in the mall, but two men were being extremely noisy sitting on a table. The two were playing on their 3ds systems. Sarah looked around the mall, it was so empty, it was the perfect time for her to enjoy herself and browse around for new dress design ideas. But these two men kept interrupting her train of thought.
"C'mon! This is why we don't play with customs moves on!" The blonde one in a brown jacket said angrily.
The brown haired one chuckled, "You're just upset because you haven't made good set ups."
"Because custom moves are dumb and ruin the game!"
"Calm down Weston!" The brown haired guy said chuckling. "It's just a game!"
"Sean! You know I don't like that version of the game!" Weston said angrily.
Sarah folded her arms annoyed. The two sat right outside the food court on one of the tables for eating and talking. A backpack sat on the center of the table, with a case for their games open. Sarah quickly looked around, seeing
:icontftgcaptions:TFTGCaptions 59 3
A Prom to Remember TG TF Story
It was prom night for the students of Maleficis High School. Being held in their school gymnasium, the boys were coming in their tuxes, and the girls in all their different dresses. Short, Long, colorful, pastel, it was truly a sight to behold. Many girls were giggling and complimenting each other, as the boys talked amongst themselves, trying their best to appear masculine among their friend groups. A young woman walked into the school, grinning as she saw all the girls outfits. She was sporting her light brown hair in an elegant half updo complimented perfectly with a small tiara, wore a bright pink dress with a ribbon wrapped around the waist, her skirt embroidered with many flowery designs, a lace up corset tightening her figure, her skirt had a large diameter, taking up space around her as she held it and her petticoats to reveal her pink heels with bows on toes of them, matching her dress, she wore a pink bolero with shoulders slightly puffed up, and even had opera length pink gl
:icontftgcaptions:TFTGCaptions 57 12
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Just noticed I have passed the 1000 watchers mark! Thank you all my loves:heart:


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Not taking requests...again.
I really can't seem to get to write them, so I'll stop accepting them again. This time I'll do the requests I have already been sent, though.

Maybe I will take some requests on special occasions, but we'll see about that later.


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