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RotTMNT-the Don

By PastellTofu
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- Dang I hate Mark Beaks!

Art is done by meMeow :3
TMNT belongs to Viacom

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Yeah, I HATE Mark Beaks, too, despite that both him and Donnie are voiced by Josh Brener. Anyway, awesome Donnie fan art though. :love:
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Wow I feel like I may be the only person that actually likes that stupid smart bitch xD
But uhhhh can we talk about how he & Don are literally the same person? Not JUST talking voice wise but everything.
The Eyebrows
The Technology
The dramatic but nerdy & self absorbed doucheie personalities xD
They are practically long lost brothers
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They basicly are the same yes but..I dunno, I feel like Mark Beaks is written to be disliked,
or at least that´s how it feels to me:shrug:
Donnie is self absorbed but still has sweet moments with his brothers and friends wich shows that
he cares.
Beaks does not care about anyone and is just super self centered, though I gotta say whenever he is
in an episode he has always the bst jokes XD
Also I love Boid...he is such a precious little baby >w<