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Mayonnaise is an instument :O
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Stars I mostly draw fanart, my fandoms also may change from time to time! I also do commissions and sometimes ATs so if you are interested or you have any other

question concerning my art please feel free to ask! F2U AVATAR | #722 Rowlet (shiny ver)

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look in my gallery for more, different stuff.

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Trollhunters,Darkwing Duck, B:tAS,RotTMNT, TMNT2k3,Ducktales (OG and Reboot)
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to many to count but I love metal, rock and dubstep in general
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I mean I´d like to think that Nefarious exaggerated a lot and I really mean A LOT

when telling Mira his side of the story to make sure she is 100 percent on his side,

buuuuut its also not like the heroes are compleatly innocent in what Nefarious has become soooooo yeah XD

But, you know...that is actually a really good idea! I mean I like it a lot!

Probobly gonna go with that and throw in a little drama to spice things up a little because we all need a little drama in out lives sometime lol.

Actually also had the idea to have Clank have a slight crush on Mira to create more

conflict but i´m not entirely sure on that :P

Bye Lombax
commented on 's profile

Yeah that does make sense its just that, if that really was thier intent to make him a twist sruprise villain would it not also have make sense to not show him at all until the movie is out?! I mean he was in the trailers and despite the "new" design of him at the time most longtime fans of the francise instandly recognized him, incuding me! Actuall remember that I found his design a bit weird back then...whatever thats a different topic for another time.

Besides that tho its not like there are no posters at all with Neffie on them...the thing is that none of them are related to the movie :P Could find a really nice looking Crack in time Poster tho! XD

I found the true face of pain and sadness QwQ..

(also made lots of screenshots for reference but this is one scene I did not screencap for a reason TTwTT)

Ratchets face has meme potentialWhen the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

Lol thank you very much, really like to hear that you like her design so much!

Tried to make her something unique that still fits within the RaC Universe >//w//<

Well she does not really know that well how the Universe works yet, that and Neffie

only told her the story from his perspective wich is mayyyyyyybe not entirely the right one XD

However that is an interesting question actually, how would she react?

She is not one to get angry easily or often, tho being faced with the facts that she is essentialy

doing bad things for sosmeone who is considered bad would probobly put her in some

internal conflict. On one hand she does not like being labeled as a bad person or doing bad things

but on the other hand she sees Neffie as someone who saved her and she is also just crushing hard on him >x<

Bye Lombax

Lol im sorry Qwark but its true XD

Reminds me somehow of the scene from the Movie

where Ratchet calls Qwark no better than Nefarious and

Qwark is like "How could you?!?! Im way better looking than Nefarious!"

and at that point I was like "lets just agree to disagree on that part : D "

Yeah it is lol

Whenever Neffie is talking to Ratchet with that skin on he

is basicly now talking to himself XD

That also means its Mini Neffie and Qwark on the quest to find Clank,

Mini Neffie with a Clank on his back and last but not least,

Mini Neffie killing one of the last remaining Lombaxes =w= (I really didn´t care for Alister

sorry fandom that REALLY seems to love him XP )