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My Bio

Stars I mostly draw fanart, my fandoms also may change from time to time! I also do commissions and sometimes ATs so if you are interested or you have any other

question concerning my art please feel free to ask! F2U AVATAR | #722 Rowlet (shiny ver)

Polysexual Pride Shooting Star Current Fandoms:

Violet-orb Duckverse (mostly DWD tho)

Fire-orb Ratchet and Clank

:DarkRed-orb: Psychonauts

:Silver-orb: Multible different fandom stuff like STH, Crash Bandicoot, ect.

look in my gallery for more, different stuff.

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Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
The Lion King, Halloween (original), Coraline, Nightmare before Christmas
Favourite TV Shows
Trollhunters,Darkwing Duck, B:tAS,RotTMNT, TMNT2k3,Ducktales (OG and Reboot)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
to many to count but I love metal, rock and dubstep in general
Favourite Books
Art Books ;D, Lovecraft Stories
Favourite Games
Monster Hunter Series,STH Series, Crash Series, Ratchet and Clank Series,Zelda Series,Psychonauts series
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS5,Switch, Wii, PS2, Gamecube
Tools of the Trade
Paint tool Sai, Gimp

Donation Pool

only coffee keeps me awake

This donation pool is simply for that, donations to support me! I do no longer take points as payment for commissions however.

If you are interested in commissions the dollar prices are however visable

in the commission widget under the shop option on my profile. Thank you!

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Can´t belive how many people started watching me recently for TMNT, a fandom I have not been active in since october of last year. Im currently into Duckverse stuff (DWD mostly) Ratchet and Clank and Psychonauts and I´ll most likely post stuff related to those and the occasional STH or other random stuff but no TMNT, im kinda super done with that fandom! The only time i´d actually draw TMNT stuff again is when I get commissions for it but otherwise no, im sorry to dissapoint and as greatfull as I am for people watching me, maybe check the most recent uploads of a person before you end up being dissapointed.
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So, for someone who was hyped beyond belive when this was announced I never really said anything about it after I saw it. And thats mostly because I wanted to watch it again and do some research on some things, sadly though i could not find much. But I did find out why Bushroot did not speak but i´ll get to that. First I want to adress the title of this journal: Disney actually uploaded the entire eepisdoe on thier youtube channel, just like the very first Ducktales 2017 episode wich was put there to promote the show. This caused me to belive that this episode is, maybe, a backdoor pilot for a DWD reboot. There is no conformation for that and the creators of Ducktales 2017 said that they wanted to create a "Disney Afternooniverse" with this show but who knows, i don´t think a DWD rebbot in the near future is that unlikely! All in all, i think the episode was pretty much spot on, yeah this versions Drake is not nearly as arrogant and self-absorbed as the original but that is what Jim
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...said the person who cried wolf the loudest when the Double-O Duck episode came out! But hear me out for a moment: I don´t hate this version of the character, its just that seeing one of my favorite Darkwing Duck characters being so radicly different from his original version made me really sad. But then, I rewatched the episode and i actually really, REALLY enjoyed it! I mean yeah the "Im not stupid" joke got really old really fast but besides that we have to consider that this is supposed to be a compleatly different universe from the OG Ducktales and Darkwing Duck...this is also one of the reasons why this Steelbeak got a new voice despite the fact that his OG Voice actor actually voices a character in the reboot! Many, including myself, complained about why he is so stupid now but going back to the episode I he really that stupid? I mean, he just hated being called stupid and being treated more like hired muscle than an actual F.O.W.L agent and lets be honest
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I've never read the comics but I thought of you when I saw this in my recommendations:

Thanks you a lot for the faves :D

Everything okay? I noticed the message on your banner.

Don´t worry, its supposed to be a joke.

Im fine ;)

Thanks for asking though!

That's a great relief.:phew:

You're welcome.:meow:

I was just in the process of revamping my

page a bit with is why I changed the tag line.

Probobly just should have changed it to something

like "page in progress" XD

Im sorry if I scared you <: )

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