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UTAU Aino Erufu 'sleepy' references + DL

Hello all =w=/
ikr that the design and the drawing looks so ..bad but I wasn't in a mood to draw
Anyway I've been working on her new the voicebank is in otoing! //idk when it's ready tough...
so here's her new design for her sleepy cv -voicebank. //now she has short hair..wohoo!!
and know I need some art of her sniff ughh ;;u;;

Here's the info! :
Name : Aino Erufu
Age : 13
Height : 150 cm
Race/Nationality : Finnish Elf girl.
Character item(s) : Axe, Knife, stuffed toy of a star, Finland's flag.
Related characters : Alexander (brother?), Mother (idk what's her name yet lol), Aki Tokane (Boyfriend, lover, partner etc.. Pupuomena)
Dere : Yandere
Design,character,voice by me

BETA Download link :

Please remember, that the voicebank is not coded to Hiragane yet! (only Romaji +there's not a picture,credits etc..)
OTO by Lunamageice
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ahhh Thank youuu ;v;/ <33
Aino : Thank you ^^
heyitsjei's avatar
that yandere face is priceless :^)

really cute!
Pastelli-kiwi's avatar
aww thank you so much quq
heyitsjei's avatar
shybunnyMH's avatar
öitä, nää unissas ötököitä :3
Pastelli-kiwi's avatar
Aino : Tottakai! XD
Sani-kun's avatar
Aaawww~ She looks so cute! Love 
Pastelli-kiwi's avatar
ahh thank you so much! :iconcraiplz:
makeydev's avatar
This Aino is very cute!
Your design is cute every time <3
Is her dress transparent? (Line of the sketch?)
Is her hand a puppet?
Pastelli-kiwi's avatar
hehe thank you so much! ;;w;;/ <3
And yes! Her dress is white. And no, now she hasn't hand puppets , because this is "sleepy" not "childish". The design is different than her childish cv append-design :- )
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I got it :D
Thank you very much! <3
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My pleasure and you're welcome! ^w^/
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xD Damn. I have an append sleepy too xD OH NOOOOOS XD
Pastelli-kiwi's avatar
ahh ok XD //slapped
hopefully they'll get it otoed soon....I can't wait to use it >w</
FakeTsuki's avatar
Indeed :O Can't wait to hear~
Pastelli-kiwi's avatar
hehe >v<~
Her oto is now ready...
but now the only problem is..that she's not aliased to hiragana =.=' //whyyy
and I can't do that cause my super duper stupid computer is broken
and I'm not so familiar with hiraganas...damn...
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Awwww, that stinks :<
YukitoYuki's avatar
Awwwws, soma asu. Tulee mileeen pyjama, kauniita unia Aino <3
Pastelli-kiwi's avatar
hehe kiitos >v<d~ 
ja juu se onkin 'pyjama' tai no...jonkinlainen yö-asu! XD
YukitoYuki's avatar
Onko Aino myös leikannut hiuksensa? : o
Pastelli-kiwi's avatar
joo tai sit nukkumatti on leikannu ne mennessään ainon ohi XD
Kiarei44's avatar
Ooooh I love it she's adorable like this >//v//<♥
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