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Aino Erufu act2 full body references +info

yey! I got it done :)
So this's her act2 design.
I know that the design is terrible and boring, but I'm lazy person! //that's why the coloring looks bad too orz
umm the info is here (not in order) :
Name : Aino Erufu
Age : 13
Height : 150 cm
Weight : not gonna tell, because Aino is copy of me ;;v;;
Hair / color : curly, Blonde
Eye color : blue
Country : Suomi, Finland
Likes : Polar Bears, Salmiakki (Finnish candy), Snow, Ice Hockey, Books, Horror, Pastel Goth, Stuffed Toys, Parades. (and Aki-kun ofc <3 )
Doesn't like : Bullies, Wake up for no reason, somebody mocks her ears, her creator (me xD)
Family : Mom //Tartsukka (will be released in this year, voiced by my mom), Cousin Alexander (voiced by my lil brother) , Boyfriend Tokane Aki (owned by Pupuomena  ) + her friends.
Character Items : Finland's flag, Polar Bear (stuffed) toy, the bag and a lollipop.

Story : well doesn't have, but one utauloid (myh utau Lumi) was jealous for Aino (because Aki) , so she stabbed to Aino's left eye. Now Aino's left eye is blind, so she uses the eye patch. 

Design , character and art by me

If you wanna draw her, I'm really honored ;;A;;
Thank u <3

////well idk if you can read the info from that paper but.... whatever... iduncare Here I Stand 

Please watch this! :…
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Awww:3333 very pretty cute ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
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Thank you >w< ♥
buddavsdraw00001's avatar
Hihi welcome !!!!^*^!!
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very cute! i will love drawing her :D
Pastelli-kiwi's avatar
aww thankies ;;A;; <33
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kawaii!! What is her language? Does she already have a voicebank? :icondokis-plz:

because of you, i think i wanna make my own utauloid (but i dun have the vocaloid equipment yet since i have to wait until next year.. for now i have to look for someone who has :iconpapmingplz:)
Pastelli-kiwi's avatar
omg thankies hon <33
she can sing (only) Japanese , but I'm gonna do Korean and Finnish (and maybe Chinese) vbs for her (maybe in this summer) ;;v;;
Right now I'm doing new vb, with better quality for her ^^
//I can give the link to her vb, when it's done ? ;;w;; <33 
LaPetiteBallerine's avatar
aah, yes, please :3

i'm planning on making my own utau too but i'm looking for someone who can make songs for her (but i'll be doing the voice :iconpapmingplz:) </strive>

good luck with that hun :iconsmile-luplz:
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thankies ;;A;; <33
//I'll absolutely use your utau too, when it's done <3 ;v;;
LaPetiteBallerine's avatar
aah, rlly? Arigato!!

i'll just let you know when it's done C:
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uhuhu I got my vb done <3…?
//pls don't mind my icon c:
LaPetiteBallerine's avatar
uaaaaah, so kawaii :iconasdfghbeeplz:
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omg thankies ;;A;;
pls say when your vb is done, so I can do some duets with them uvu
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np, and okie~ <33
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Uuuuuhhhhh! Milloin ACT2 tulee? ;; v ;;

Yritin renderöidä ACT1, mutta ei onnistunut... OTL
Pastelli-kiwi's avatar
//yritän recordaa tänä viikonloppuna orz..luoja et oon hidas xp
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Ok, tee parhaasi niin voin käyttää Ainoa ;;;; u ;;;;
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juu ;;v;; *aloittaa tekemään uutta pankkia*
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se on nyt valmis mut sillä ei oo otoa qAq
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Mä voin yrittää tehä sulle sen oto.ini, jos lähetät sen mulle noten kautta (jos kiinnostaa). ^^
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