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Hi, I just wanted to say I'm leaving da, probably for good because I need to focus on my self care. I'm doing fine, not suicidal or anything and I don't want to talk about it or anything. I just think that this is a toxic site, full of a lot of toxic people, and it isn't doing anything for my mental health. In fact I think since joining this site I've taken giant steps BACK, and it isn't fair to me, my boyfriend, or my family to let me continue to hurt myself by staying here. I joined this website to post my art and learn things from people, not to receive massive amounts of hate and rejection, and the disgusting way people on here justify bullying and blind hatred is just..awful. I've taken on a much more pessimistic world view, and this past year I've become more and more anxious and negative and upset and defensive, and it isn't how I am really and I don't like it. I don't like how..I guess...self loathing and anxious I've become this past year. And it isn't fair to my caregiver, who can't take care of me if I'm actively putting myself in harms way! I don't wanna stew in this stinky soup anymore lol. And I don't need to be. All the feedback on my art in the world isn't worth hindering my healing. in I need some time to focus on my real life and what's important to me. My mental and emotional health needs to be better taken care of by me. I met some great people on here and got to see some incredible art, but I think it's time I move on. I don't think I'll deactivate in case I loose my art somehow then I'll have them backed up here. But I'm not going to post anything anymore or anything. The thing is I want to move on and get better, and being tied to this account even thats received so much hate and rejection is hard for me. I'm obviously a very sensitive little girl, and that's normally fine. But I'm not able to laugh at cyber bullying and stuff like others are. :D but that will change. I want to get stronger! Not weaker ! I think having my friend commit suicide because of online bullying and predators (specifically the Anti-CG/L community-they have driven lots of people to suicide unfortunately ) finally showed me that my mental health isn't worth risking.  I've done nothing wrong but be myself, but clearly that is enough for some people to treat you like shit lol. So! Im gonna be gone, but :hug: im going to be fine! I'm not good about self control, so I'm going to get up the courage to ask my boyfriend (BatmanArkhamAwsom) to change my password. 


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FanArtArtist1993 Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Just so you know I'm not an anti cgl, ddlg, mdlb, ddlb, mdlg and age play. I'm here for anyone that is getting bullied by antis. Antis are so closed minded and uneducated. They don't understand that people in cgl are not Pedophilles. Pedos are attracted to childrens' bodies and not to adult bodies. I have been bullied for being into age play and ddlg. The last time I was bullied bad for being into age play was in 2015 before I quit Facebook. I was being bullied by a guy that I invited to my age play Facebook group. I ended up deleting the group because I was caught by my Dad. I hope the guy that bullied me got reported in and deleted. I wish antis weren't a thing. You can come back because there are people here that will defend you. There are people out there that will defend anyone that is into cgl. 
Pastelkittyprincess Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
I know you're not anti, a few months ago you took a survey I posted one time and you said you're into Ddlg. I REALLY don't want to come back because I really really need to get in a better place mentally , and stop gambling with my mental health. I became really anxious and negative and I have been self harming in several ways, there are several very personal reasons why I'm needing to take care of myself better, but the point is I want to get better and continuing to poison myself like this isn't good. 
FanArtArtist1993 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm so into DDLG that I have one story that I'm currently writting that's about DDLG and I'm also into MDLB I even have a story that I'm currently wittting about that too. I just hope you come back. 
Btrapp Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
We need you here, but what's best for you is all that matter's to us. Keep making art! maybe you can email some of your amazing work to me, you don't have to spend time here if it's not good for you. I hope every thing turns out okay for you 
Cinnamedic Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Just wanna make an open letter for you:


I hope you know about all the good that you've done on this site.
Thank you for standing up for those who are a part of the CGL
community, and those like it. You are a very kind person, with a
lot of heart. The fact that you were also very inclusive was just...
a great trait for you to have. It really did pain me to see just how
mean that the antis were to you, because you didn't deserve it.

Children-at-heart was another thing that I appreciated, since it was,
essentially, a safe place for littles and the like. You may be gentle like
a delicate flower, but you are strong, since you never really gave up.

I hope that things go well for you in the future, and I can understand
you leaving, since mental health is very important. Just know that you
will be missed, and that plenty of people on here care for your well-being.

Maybe we'll cross paths again at some point in time? I don't know, but in
the small chance that you do come back for any reason, feel free to come
right to me, if you ever need anything. I'll always be around for a friend.

Warm regards,

Mia pink heart       
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