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I wanna stop being offline from deviantart so for a long while i'll be doing pixelart commissions as said from above, not much of this journal will be complicated or too long so heres the idea: 


Arrow left by Drawn-MarioPay points before I start, I don't trust doing art before payment. 
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioGive references of your character, what pose you'd like for me to give, which category youre paying for (and an extra adding if wanted) and more information if needed. 
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioAnything is allowed to be commissioned, however nsfw/fetish art isn't. 
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioCommenting or noting me is fine! Though please wait for me to reply and settlement before paying, I don't want any confusion. 
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioI will be giving progress, tell me if I need to fix anything as I show. 
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioFull refunds will only be done if I haven't shown the sketch, if you're given a sketch and still want a refund, I will be returning the money but will be keeping about 15 points (5 more points on extra characters), anything else after lineart/coloring/shading will not be refunded. This is done to prevent scams. 
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioOther then that, thank you for reading!

These are the categories

Fullbody: 300 points 
Adding an extra character in the same piece will be an extra 100 points.
Fullbody will be more detailed as well as the illustration of your character's entire form, the art shown bellow will be the styles I use. 
Watch it by PastelGlazeTentacles are nice by PastelGlaze

Half body: 150 points 
Adding an extra character in the same piece will be 50 points

Half body is like a fullbody, however illustrated to be half of the character, styles like up and bellow will be used. 
The History Trio by PastelGlazeThe Stages Trio by PastelGlaze

Chibis: 100 points 
Adding an extra character in the same piece will be 25 points
Chibis will be a miniature sized version of your character, less detail than a fullbody/halfbody but has a more cartoony/cutie style given as seen as bellow. 
im a snail not snailhouse by PastelGlazeLion's pride by PastelGlaze

Sketches and price will be put later
backgrounds and prices will be put later

Other then that, have a great day.