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Looking to do Art Trades!!

Hi!!! im looking for some art of my boy Sylvalur and the only way i could get art would be art trades since i cant pay qwq

i will do any humans or furries but i cant do animals very well lmao

I will not do any nudity or anything kinky
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Hey! I'd love to do an art trade with you soon, but I'm super busy this week, so I wouldn't be able to work on anything until this weekend. Would that be alright with you?
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sure thats fine!!
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Cool thanks! You don't have to work on your end till then either, just draw whatever you like! Also, my laptop is currently busted, so are you okay with a traditional piece?
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ye ofc!! and for me could u draw my boy that's in the pic above owo
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Yeah of course! Hes so cute btw, it'll be fun! I just hope I can do your son justice