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I will be working hard on updating the look of the group and even working on a new design for the profile picture since it is badly needed, especially since this group has been up for so long without a change to the look! Some new rules or changes will also be put into action once everything is completed!
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Welcome Pastel Babies

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Pastel Art / Pastel Goth / Pastel Love
Hello AuthorBaby Here!
Welcome to Pastel Love Babies!

There aren't much rules to my group but just to be nice and not to judge anyone's art! ^^

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Here are some questions that might be asked so I will indeed put them here :

Gore Allowed?
Yes indeed! I also take pastel goth art and any other cute little things you might wanna put here! I will definitely be posting here so you all get a little taste of my art!

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Does it have to be pastel?
Of course not ^^ you can draw anything here to be honest but it has to be cute! Please no creepy photos, I do have a very sensitive mind!

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Can I make icons?
I honestly do not care, I love icons! Plus if that's how you make your art, that's how you make your art. I wouldn't care less, have some fun! ^^

(FREE) scrolling BG: morning mood by SqdPxl

Here are the main rules :

Please no embarrassing anyone.

No bullying or talking bad about someone or someone's art.

Do not steal someone's art and say it's yours on this account! If I find out, you will be imminently banned!

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AuthorBaby Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Due to Eclipse, I have been very confused when it comes to accepting submissions into the group O_O Please be patient with me, and if there are ANY folders that are full ever, let me know ASAP :3 thanks so much!
AuthorBaby Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please know that I cannot always see or look at when people are submitting things to the Featured folder! It would be better to submit to one of the other folders below it! <3 Please let me know if any of the folders get full so I can make another folder for it. Thank you everyone! kaomoji set 1 6/19 
AuthorBaby Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Note me via my profile if you have an issue about the group or with something personal due to the group's notifications are not showing up on my phone or laptop. Thank you ^^
4Bae Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I accidentally put  Candy by 4Bae  in ''pastel gore'' instead of anthro
AuthorBaby Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Made it where you may now submit your art and images to the Pastel Alien and Pastel Adopt folders!
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