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Mature content
Interfectum Ius Iuris (3) [Levi/Reader] :iconpastel--mermaid:Pastel--Mermaid 8 2
Mature content
Interfectum Ius Iuris (2) [Levi/Reader] :iconpastel--mermaid:Pastel--Mermaid 6 7
Mature content
Interfectum Ius Iuris (1) [Levi/Reader] :iconpastel--mermaid:Pastel--Mermaid 15 8
Curiosity - Eren Jaeger/Reader [Modern AU]
For as long as you could remember, Eren Jaeger had been a constant presence in your life.
The two of you were not friends, nor were you enemies. The correct term for your awkward relationship with him was best summed up by the term family acquaintance due to the fact that both of your mothers were best friends. You weren't sure how your mother formed such a close bond with Carla Jaeger, but it had happened sometime during your Kindergarten years. Numerous play dates between Eren and yourself had been arranged, only to have them fail to produce a stable friendship, much to the disappointment of your mothers.
But you didn't hate Eren. In fact, he was always...interesting to be around, even as a child. With his boisterous, high-level energy and tongue-in-cheek humor, there was never a dull, predictable moment around the green-eyed boy. The two of you played together as children only for the sheer sake of having something to do while your mothers watched over from the shade of Eren's porch
:iconpastel--mermaid:Pastel--Mermaid 38 26
Running - Eren Jaeger/Reader [2/2]
    Every year, his family takes him to the beach.
    Eren isn't sure why or how venturing seaside becomes a family tradition, but he doesn't complain. The cool mist of the oceanic breeze against his face calms him—soothes some of that fire inside his soul that hasn't quite settled from another life. His past life; the one that hung overhead like a melancholy cloud, drizzling past reminders on his shoulders and dousing his body in regret.
    Regret. It seems that, even in this seemingly peaceful life, he cannot let go of the past. Faces of the soldiers who sacrificed themselves for him haunt his nightmares, their bloodshed staining his unclean hands. Each morning that he awakes from one of those dreams, Eren has to remind himself over and over again that things were different now. No longer were people going to die for him or going to to leave without warning because there were no Titans. Not anymore.
:iconpastel--mermaid:Pastel--Mermaid 21 19
Running - Eren Jaeger/Reader [1/2]
“I love you.”
You watch as his back stiffens, broad shoulders taunt with tension and shock from your bold words. There is a heavy silence, thick and poignant, that wraps its arms around the both of you, lithe fingertips choking down the words searing across your tongue. Wordlessly he turns to you, Caribbean eyes ablaze with a wildfire that nearly melts you underneath the intensity, yet you stand tall and firm, lips curved into a demure, understanding smile.
He struggles to formulate an answer, a crease of concentration touching his brow until you sigh and he snaps back to reality, melancholy suddenly filling the air. Before he can say anything, you are letting out a chuckle that is filled with sorrow and his chest constricts in an almost painful manner. “I love you for your courage and your tenacity,” comes your hasty follow up, hands gripping the sides of your arm in a protective manner, sheltering yourself from the inevitable rejection that would surely spill
:iconpastel--mermaid:Pastel--Mermaid 25 18
The Mystery of the Day by Pastel--Mermaid The Mystery of the Day :iconpastel--mermaid:Pastel--Mermaid 2 2 Once Upon a Time by Pastel--Mermaid Once Upon a Time :iconpastel--mermaid:Pastel--Mermaid 2 9 On a Summer Day.... by Pastel--Mermaid On a Summer Day.... :iconpastel--mermaid:Pastel--Mermaid 6 10


Commissions open!
Dancing dummy Hi there! Dancing dummy 
I'm currently open for commissions!
I'm offering both digital and traditional commissions, you can read all info below:
Digital Commissions: 

- Portrait/ Bust in semi-realistic style 36$ - 65$
  ( OC-s, Fantasy characters, fanart, etc.)
  The price depends on the complexity, details, background 
-Waist up Illustration 50$ - 100$
 ( OC-s, Fantasy characters, fanart, etc.)
 The price depends on the complexity, details, background 
- Full body
:iconaria-illustration:ARiA-Illustration 30 6
Commission Sheet Info by Christus-Imperat Commission Sheet Info :iconchristus-imperat:Christus-Imperat 73 5 Commission Info UwU by Aiyomii Commission Info UwU :iconaiyomii:Aiyomii 14 0
Comms sale (closed)

Opening semi-urgent (?) comms!
Bust-up | $25
Half-body | $35
Full-body| $45

Bust-up | $20
Half-body | $28
Full-body| $35

Bust-up | $15
Half-body | $22
Full-body| $30

I'm not sure whether to call this a sketch commission or not since the lineart is not too neat, but there it is! you'll get something like the samples above :D
(simple backgrounds & extra small objects are free of charge!)
(detailed characters lik
:iconmi-nt:mi-nt 39 14
Commission is OPEN
I’m into characters and illustrations. 

I’m comfortable with fantasy and female portraits.
Only serious interest please!
These informations are for personal commission.
Artworks for commercial use, ask about.
Payments are via PayPal only.

Super Mario Bros. Question Box Q.: Do I need to have Paypal account to pay?
A.: No, you can pay without that too.
What I do NOT draw:
- mature content (light nsfw or tasteful nudity is OK)
- fetish art
- furries, mecha
- too much manly characters (no experience)
- character with unpleasant design
- action/fighting scenes 
If you are unsure about the theme, you can always ask and I always consider your request. I have right to decline your commission inquiry if I the theme is far from my abilities. I hope you understand and don’t take it personal. If you commission me means you accept my
:iconaoleev:Aoleev 57 9
Commission Info by Trione Commission Info :icontrione:Trione 13 0
Painted Commissions! [OPEN]
If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or note me!
Updated prices as of 01/01/2018
Pink Bow Bullet Chibi - $55 USD + depends on complexity

Pink Bow Bullet Headshot - $55 USD + depends on complexity
Gift: Arealle by MeramiiCommission: Sora by Meramii
Pink Bow Bullet Halfbody - $85 USD + depends on complexity
:iconmeramii:Meramii 284 57
CM - Jenna by maruu08 CM - Jenna :iconmaruu08:maruu08 41 6 Eye Tutorial (+Video) by KyouKaraa Eye Tutorial (+Video) :iconkyoukaraa:KyouKaraa 2,997 43
The Fireworks Show (Eren x Reader) SnK
The glittering street lights illuminated the town you and Eren were walking through. The cadet corps training grounds were close to the town and all cadets were permitted to visit during the weekends. Eren had convinced you come down and see the fireworks show the town was going to put on. With all the training and studying you were all doing, it was a welcome distraction. But you hadn't realized you'd be alone with him.
"Where's Mikasa?" You asked Eren, looking around and glancing at the people around you. Many of them were dressed very fashionably, you felt a little out of place in your plain brown shirt tucked into your German-looking skirts that grazed your ankles.
Eren stuffed his hands into his pockets. He was looking very nice, you had to admit. Out of his training garb, he looked very fit. "Pulled away by Jean I heard." He replied.
You swallowed. "And-and Armin?" You asked, unable to find that blonde head of his.
Eren furrowed his dark eyebrows. "Out with Marco or Sasha I suppo
:iconwinter-summer:winter-summer 50 10
Sasusaku night by Fey-Rayen Sasusaku night :iconfey-rayen:Fey-Rayen 1,433 167 - Mandarin 2 - by base-o-holic - Mandarin 2 - :iconbase-o-holic:base-o-holic 21,084 947 Yuri and Alice by ObstinateMelon Yuri and Alice :iconobstinatemelon:ObstinateMelon 59 41 SasuSaku by Cygnetzzz SasuSaku :iconcygnetzzz:Cygnetzzz 885 43 Ariel by ramy Ariel :iconramy:ramy 15,025 875



Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I've had this account since my middle school days.
INFP. Aries. Occasional AoT writer, but a frequent reader.
So I had my work stolen for the first time today.

It was sort of a surreal experience. At first I was shocked, but then the shock quickly turned into anger. My story had over 900 likes/reblogs on tumblr and I wasn't even credited for it. Writing is such a personal, meaningful thing. Stealing someone else's work and trying to pass it off as your own is probably the worst thing you can do to a writer. Just don't do it. If it wasn't for Eiri bringing it to my attention, I would have never known that someone was plagiarizing my work. How completely sad is it that young writer's (since I'm assuming this person was young, judging on how they typed) feel the need to do something like this? I didn't magically get this good at grammar over night; I'm a twenty-two year old college student. I worked for the ability to write a decently-composed sentence. I don't know where I'm going with this, but yeah. Moral of the story: do not steal other writer's works. Not. cool. 



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Gabriele-B Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the fav :) :heart:
EiriSchion Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist
Hello! Thank you very much for the favorite ;w; It means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it!

On a side note, I am mentally slapping myself for not watching you any sooner because when I still didn't have a DeviantArt account and was just getting into reading fanfictions, I read your story 'Curiosity', and 'Satisfaction', and that was pretty much an all time favorite of mine ^^

Have a great day! :3
Pastel--Mermaid Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Student General Artist
Oh my gosh, I can't believe you remember those stories eventho dA took them down. I'm glad you enjoyed them, and you're very welcome for the favorite! Your story seems very interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops. (: I always love ghost tropes, and Eren is bae so the combination is perfect! 

You actually reminded me of those stories, tho. I should go repost them. ;n;
EiriSchion Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist
Of course I would remember them! Even some parts of the scenes~
it was one of the fics that had me squealing at three in the morning
when I had an exam in a couple hours :3 I'm really honored you find
my story interesting! It's going to be somewhat long though O.O' but
I'll do my best to keep it entertaining And yes, I wanted to try writing
something bittersweet, Eren is my favorite character too ^^

Ah, let me go favorite them then ;w; They deserve all the favorites~ 
Pastel--Mermaid Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Student General Artist
Ah, I'm so flattered right now! Thank-you so much. ;n; And, honestly, I'm probably one of the few who really like long stories/slow-burn sort of stuff. I'm excited to read what you have in mind! I'm always in the lookout for good Eren RIs since I'm very particular with how he's characterized. You're doing great so far! (:
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griiffn Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for watching! :3
Pastel--Mermaid Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Student General Artist
Of course! Your story is wonderful and I honestly love how you portray Eren, so watching was a no brainer!
PercyPo Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Student Filmographer
You have a very lovely photo gallery. :)
pittssmitts Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Pastel--Mermaid Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014  Student General Artist
You're absolutely welcome! I love your stories! c:
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