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I decided to start a group for poetry. I absolutely love poetry and I guess you could say that I have a passion for poetry, so I thought that would be a perfect name for my group.
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I entered portrait of the soul in a poetry contest :) Please look at and comment even vote for my poem to win :) Its my first somewhat poetry contest I've entered so please vote and wish me luck.  

Be sure to register and vote by the way on the site :) So please show your love and vote for me. I know many of you enjoy my poetry so please pray and vote for me to win. :) It would be a dream come true if one of my poems is published in an anthology.
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Welcome All New Members

We have decided that there should be a cap on the submissions per month. Don't get us wrong; We are very ecstatic with all of the new members and submissions but find it difficult to be able to read and enjoy your wonderful work... So we are going to cap it at 4 Submissions A Month
.... That will give us more time to check out your work ....

Also we hope that you take advantage of the inspiring contests as they may spark a fuse within those creative brains you all have
.... They may even help prevent writers block ....

:star: To Stop The Flow Of Imagination In Writing Is Like Stopping The Earth From Spinning
So We As Writers Should All Share The Passion
....The PassionforPoetry ....

Thank You And Welcome You To Our Club

From Us Both
:iconclownfreak88: :iconme2smart4u:

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Tap, Tap, Tap
Idea, idea, idea
I need an idea
How am I supposed to think,
With that infernal tapping?
Who on Earth
Is tapping?
Oh, oops,
It's me.
:icongsdpuppypaws:GSDpuppypaws 1 12
So, he ate my heart.
Not bothered, didn't use it.
Just means it's my turn...
:iconhoshidee:HoshiDee 11 10
Love is mysterious
Love is kind
It can overlook faults
Forgive mistakes
And bring hope
Especially to those who have none
Love can bring happiness
And sadness
It helps us grow
And teaches us to live
Love will never leave us
It is always there
Through life
Through death
From the first breathe you take
To the last
Through the pain
Through the loneliness
Through joy
Through us
Love will always be there
To catch us when we fall
To bring us close
To make us
So much in love
:iconiiivaxelviii:IIIVAxelVIII 3 4
Hansel and Gretel
You will not tempt me
The thought of sweet ecstasy
Your house of deceit
:iconakenu:Akenu 10 6
How small
Is a newborn child
Looking for the first time
With their newborn eyes
They see the world in innocence
In peace
While those
Who've seen reality
Look on the world in disgust
At the cruel people
We see every day
They cannot speak
Or understand
A word of hate
They do not know what dislike is
Nor heartbreak
But I've felt it
I know it
Better than many
As much as most
And I can tell you
That the pain makes you stronger
Dislike helps you grow
The cruel people help you become who you really are
So in a way
We are in debt
To the pain
To the cruelty
To the hate of this…
… awful planet
:iconiiivaxelviii:IIIVAxelVIII 5 8
For The Poet
[Personally I think it's my best poem ever. Enjoy!]
For a poet,
The beauty of the rainbow lies not in its colors,
For a poet,
Its beauty lies in the invisible dance between the breeze and light,
Which forms its shape and gives birth to its hues in misty sights.
For a poet,
The city is a jungle of wild, tall structures,
Beasts among smaller suburb rodents,
City windows: the butterflies upon a building's bark,
At night, dancing fireflies light the prairie roads.
A poet sees not the sun and moon,
But the sky's irises;
One golden, the other a silvery hue.
The ocean, for the poet, is not merely water,
But a mirror map for the sky,
Upon which it tracks its flying birds and cotton clouds.
For a poet,
The pen is not a writing utensil, nor is paper just a sheet,
He respects his companions,
Pen, Pencil and ink, inanimate to them, full of life to him,
For they create weaving art upon a fragile parchment map;
Treasures, the meaning of its contents,
Golden, the passion of its thoughts.
For a poet,
:iconaztectemplar:AztecTemplar 228 486
The Day I Found You
The Day I Found You
The day I found you was dark and gray
It seems someone has thrown you away
I pick you up and take you home
I don't want you to be alone
You look so scared and sad
What happened to you? Was it bad?
I want to know your full history
To me it remains a mystery
I woke up that morning feeling blue
My day brightened when I found you
You hugged me and held on tight
Hanging on with all of your might
Your big eyes wanting to open up to me
I held you close to steady the shaking
Your soft low whimper told me you need love
You fit in my arms like a tailored glove
After a nice bath and a good meal
I could see your heart starting to heal
I know to some you have no place
But I love that beautiful face
In our family you will always stay
Never again to be thrown away
:iconclownfreak88:ClownFreak88 17 12
Her World Of Darkness
as she looks in the mirror on the wall
she painted herself as a porcelain doll
she won't let others get a peek
of all that she considers weak
she holds her mask in place today
and doesn't care if the price she'll pay
is losing love, or tempting fate
she'll cover up all the parts she hate
words drip dryly from her pen
in gnarly muted repetition
circle rimmed and faded when
inward lively glows her reflection
her fine and fragile psyches work with habits
equally her past and crumbling faults
her warmly woolen trust and patience knits
a chain to tether the pain inside her vaults
pausing for a breath turning to look back
time seems frozen; smudging her pain
for just that moment she thought she'd understand
should she simply be willing to bask in the glory
of this power greater than here and now
should she heed the wisdom of faith by  keeping
her footsteps on the path and keeping her
conviction of unwavering trust
She couldn't say those words she held in for so long
she know its sa
:iconme2smart4u:Me2Smart4U 4 0
Crosses Our Guardians
Crosses sitting quietly over head
As bodies enter the land of dead
Crosses have no emotions shown
But hold the names the people own
Crosses see more deaths than life
Soon the name is carved with a knife
Crosses see many babies born
But watch as someone’s life is torn
Crosses watch as lives are taken
Soon they wish they are awaken
Crosses wish it was all a lie
When many people so slowly die
Crosses cry for the dead
And sit above their sleeping heads
Crosses weep for all of them
But know they will soon be with Him
Crosses watch the angels fly
And soar high in the sky
Crosses watch over them
As they fly up to Him
Crosses tears fall like rain
As they feel the people’s pain
Crosses don’t like the lost
Of family members who paid the cost
:iconsakuraisdeidarasgirl:SakuraIsDeidarasGirl 8 207
Thou Suspicious Mind
What does thine eyes see?
I shall not know
Whilst they are cast upon me
Duth your suspicion grow?
Have thou not met me before?
I've seen you about the town
For I duth work at the dry goods store
Why must thee stare me down?
Do you mistake me from your past?
I've been here nary a year
The truth shall come out at last.
What is it that puzzles you my dear?
Take forth my hand and thou shall see
The kind of man thou wanteth me to be.
:iconsakuraisdeidarasgirl:SakuraIsDeidarasGirl 5 3
The Rivals Of Love
Two girls young and alone
Together as they've grown
The best of friends
Who's friendship came to an end
A girl all pretty in pink
Didn't care what anyone would think
About the boy she really liked
His hair jet black and spiked
Purple was her best friend's color
But they fought like they hated each other
Once the best of friends
Promised to be there till the end.
The girl in pink was trying to become strong
The girl in purple could only laugh and tell her she was wrong
The girls vowed not to lose
It was up to the boy to choose
The boy only walked away
He wouldn't hear what the girls had to say
The girl in pink refused to be weak
When power was the thing the boy set out to seek
Pretty hair once long and flowing
Fell to the ground, and only the girl in pink knowing
What cutting her hair had cost
Pretty hair and a promise to a friend was lost.
A girl so strong became so weak
Was the girl in pink
The girl in purple was so scared
Her friend had lost her beautiful hair.
The girls had made a d
:iconsakuraisdeidarasgirl:SakuraIsDeidarasGirl 13 29
A Day at The Fair
We were headed to the fair to ride rides
When we saw the Ferris Wheel my eyes opened wide.
The fair comes around once a year
Families and friends gather here.
You pay you're money to play a game
Some are fun and some are lame.
You can buy some tickets or a wrist band
Which is always placed on your right hand.
Peanut, popcorn, and cotton candy too
In shades of yellow, white, pink, and blue.
The weather is hot and sunny
Don't be a scrooge and spend your money.
You stand in line and wait your turn
Being patient is a good thing to learn.
Take a break to drink and eat
And also to rest your tired feet.
When the sun goes down the lights come on
Some times the Carnies will play your favorite song.
As you head home when the day is done
You can't wait until next year to have more fun.
:iconsakuraisdeidarasgirl:SakuraIsDeidarasGirl 5 6
Who I Never Wanted To Be
My soul is dark
With my heart torn apart
I look in the mirror
I see myself eye-to-eye
And what I see,
Is who I never wanted to be.
:icongsdpuppypaws:GSDpuppypaws 0 0
You lighten my day.
You weaken my knees.
You make me laugh,
When I don't want to breathe
You work hard.
You have fun.
You make me relax,
When my day's gone wrong.
You hold my heart.
You don't even know.
You make me wonder,
When you will love me too.
:icongsdpuppypaws:GSDpuppypaws 3 0
Life's Not Fair
Life's not fair.
We lose times we share.
Hearts are broken.
Years are gone.
The future is bleak.
The present is doomed.
:icongsdpuppypaws:GSDpuppypaws 1 3
Death with Darkness
Darkness set in mind as it
Eats your sanity
Away and leaves you crazy.
Then reality really will
Have set into the darkness.
:icongsdpuppypaws:GSDpuppypaws 1 0







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