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ModernBack changer 2.8 (31/10/2012)

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Published: October 22, 2012
Pasqui industry ModernBack changer 2.8
(last update 31/10/2012)

This tool, developed for Windows 8 RTM, allows you to change background and accent color of the immersive start screen in Windows 8.

For the background you can select a custom one by selecting your own image. The wizard will guide you to create the new skin.

Link official article: [link]
Link Youtube tutorial (2.5 version): [link]

For problems, you can contact me by Facebook, twitter, mail, xda or comments ;)

Diffidate from imitations!

Please support me by donating or clicking on adversting on my website. Try my other free products . Thanks! :D
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MykouHobbyist Interface Designer

do you plan some similar tool working for windows 10 ?

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You made something that can change stuff i the modern interface? My PC setntigs app (and many others) won't open so I can't change Widnows' built-in touchpad delay; Did ayone make a program that changes that setting from the desktop?
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revengex360Professional Digital Artist
Can you give me the wallpapers without the app ???
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Dark-Knight193Student Interface Designer
Where can I find the dragon background (with animation) in Windows 8.1 Preview's video demo of Microsoft ?
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link6155Hobbyist Interface Designer
Is this 100% for sure safe to use?
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At this time no, this program edit system files, so never is safe in thsi case, but maybe I will update this tool for safe using without system file editing (but maybe...)
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TJBabStudent Artist
I patched A Background
but nothing comes in the custom background tile so I can't really change the background :/
any solutions?
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I don't know, there are similar problems with other, but there aren't solutions.
In some computers, imageres.dll is inacessible but I don't know how unlock it :(
Try to reboot and restart the procedure (as administrator).
Yopu can try to take ownership of imageres.dll manually
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I found that we must copy the imageres.dll files to the patch folder, we can get modified file, in which case we must manually replace the imageres.dll files to the System32 folder. This is what we will be able to change a custom background in Charmbar > settings > change pc settings
The editated background is the second one.
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Yes, exactly.
Sometimes it function by my tool, but sometimes no, but I don't know how resolve :(
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It does not seem to work. Nothing happens. It does not add the image I selected to the themes there already. I am on Windows 8 Pro 64bit.
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During the patch appear any error?
Have you tried in mmersive control panel if the theme was pathced?
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No error, said all was good and I can select the background. But the background is nowhere to be selected. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean with: "Have you tried in mmersive control panel if the theme was pathced?"
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I mean in the Windows settings.
Charmbar > settings > change pc settings
The editated background is the second one. ;)
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Nope it is not there. Nothing.
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Sorry but I don't know :(
It's a strange error if the program don't give an error and the 2nd background don't change.
Maybe in 3.0 version, I will find a solution :/

However, thanks for the feedback :D
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SoNiC4000Hobbyist Interface Designer
You mean they randomly pick a background for Modern UI and you can only chose a color for it once at the installation and you can't change it !?
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Are you asking me why there are default accent color and default beckground selection options?
If yes, it's because this tool was designed (in 1.0 version) for users that didn't activate their Windows 8 and can't change their interface options, or for users that have problems with immersive applications. ;)

If not, I don't understand :?

p.s. I'm 15 and I'm still learning english language, so I'm not very good in it XD
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Use Batch Resource Updater. It's much more stable than Resource Hacker.
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Thanks for the advice! I will test this tool ;)
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MercuryXHobbyist Writer
hmm it goes into it just fine in Windows 8 Pro, but when I select an image and it tells me to select it again in the program...its like I never selected it in the first place. So does not work in the final version of 8.
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I have find a solution to this bug, for this moment, try to select a smaller image ;)
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MercuryXHobbyist Writer
is it safe to use in 8 Pro?
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