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Fantasy Races

I wanted to try my own version of a Fantasy Races chart showing the 9 core races featured the D&D 5th Edition Player's Handbook. 
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Wow! Nice job! I love it. :)

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Excellent job on this picture.

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Why are the humans the only ones that show both man and woman?

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Call it a matter of time/resource management. Or, in simpler terms, how much drawing I actually wanted to do for this. ;)

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Interesting sandals on that gnome lady.

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Nice job. So I take it we have the following:

Human and Tiefling: 5'0-6'0 (at least)

Dwarf: 4'0

Gnome: 3'0

Halfling: 2'0

Elf: 6'5" (at least)

Half-Elf: 6'0 (at least)

Dragonborn: 7'0 (at least)

Half-orc: 6'5" at least

Orc: 7-7'6" (at least) (I added that one. Seems 7' is an average-sized Orc)

Again, very cool work. Just wondering if you're a WoW/Warhammer fan.

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Thanks. :) The heights are more like: Dwarf 4½', Gnome 3½', Halfing 3', Elf <6", Half-Elf <6'. But some of those are just my spin. I've never played WoW and only played the Warhammer tabletop minis game a few times.

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