Engineered Alicorn
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This turned out a bit more... sultry then what I was going for. I wanted her to look sinister. Either way, I think it turned out well. Not used to drawing Steampunk so the wings and horn probably make no sense.
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I think I love everything about this.  Even the sultrier-than-intended look. :D (Big Grin) 
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craftingclarinetgirl|Hobbyist General Artist
she kind of looks drunk but i think its still awesome!
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Swiftriff| Digital Artist
I love where you went with this. Pretty awesome work. ^o^
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Schrodinger-Excidium's avatar
Awesome deviantart :3
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Just going to say, good inspiration for a steampunk MLP shipping story I hope to start sometime late July.
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CuttleDreams|Professional Digital Artist
I really like the details of her fur being curled like in "Lesson Zero". It adds to the subtly sinister feel. The way you designed the hindquarters looks great as well.
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BeyondEquestria|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Vectorised! [link]
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Khrys-Faolan|Hobbyist General Artist
This is funny since you know she's an alicorn now
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bobyketchem|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing job I love the design
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TDLBallistic|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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OMG You did this? That's awesome, I totally have this as one of my backgrounds on my computer. She does look a little sultry, but it's still an amazing piece!
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Steampunk Twilight is awesome! ^^
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Vespayik|Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh, the disheveled look of her hair certainly gives a 'demented' look- and the wings are beautiful! Overall the design of this is very well done.
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OracleMask|Hobbyist Writer
Steampunk Alicorn Twilight~

I heartily approve!
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wow, you predicted it... I just now realized that. good on ya.
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pegazus14|Student Traditional Artist
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this is perfect for a first contact with a Twilight from a Steampunk dominated Equestria

A perfect tidbit before comming acros a city that's twice as wide as down town new york and 30% higher: greatly brass and driven by hoof crafted clockwork parts powered by steam... chugging, clanking, whistling, and howling as the industry chugs along...
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Insane twilight is best twilight XD
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Wow! This is absolutely beautiful :heart: I love the wings and how one of them is folded. Really awesome design :)
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agatrix|Professional Artisan Crafter
Hello, I made ​​the Steampunk Princess Trixie plush pony. :D Inspired by your art. [link]
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Anyway, I think her horn is very... sinister? :)
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So... good.
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iure-san|Hobbyist General Artist
Nice! =D
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