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Random from Fan Art Volunteering

Fan Art: Interview, Classically-DePunk
Interview with Tete-DePunk
1. Introduce yourself.
Hello ProjectEducate, my name is Classically-DePunk, and I am a writer and traditional artist on deviantART.
I enjoy anime/manga, classic literature, Indie and Opera music, as well as history and cultural studies.
Other passions of mine include mentoring other writers and artists here in this community and advocating community bonds.
2. What got you started working on Fan Art?
What drew me initially into joining deviantART was actually fan art. In 2009, I recently joined online social media, and it was through dA's exceptional fan art galleries of Phantom of the Opera fan art that compelled me to join, and eventually, contribute to the community.
Through fan art, I met many of my friends- we formed bonds over our common interests in fandoms.
Initially, I was reluctant to create fan art- with the demands of trying to capture the original canon's brilliancy on the line, I felt my skil
:iconkaotic-cass:Kaotic-Cass 4 28
Project Educate: Welcome to Fan Art Week
Fan Art
Hello and welcome to the Fan Art Week :la:
Here's the schedule for this week:
Monday September 28
AM :bulletgreen:Welcome to Fan Art Week by Lyricanna (you are here)
PM :bulletgreen: Interview with Classically-DePunk by Kaotic-Cass
Tuesday September 29th
AM: :bulletgreen: Fan Art in All Forms by ever-so-excited
PM: :bulletgreen:OCs, Fan Art and Submission by Lyricanna
Wednesday September 30th
AM :bulletgreen:Copyright Resources Compilation by Lyricanna
PM :bulletgreen: Interview with MiyaToriaka by Kaotic-Cass
Thursday October 1st
AM :bulletgreen: Capturing a Character's Essence by nime080
PM :bulletgreen: Sketchmatch in my chat room, TheWanderingWoman from 7PM-8:30PM EST with Lyricanna and JenFruzz
(link to chat will be added an hour before the chat goes live)
Friday October 2nd
AM :bulletgreen: Interview with HunterK by Kaotic-Cass
PM [Bullet; Green] Fan Art Friday by Lyricanna
Saturday Oct
:iconlyricanna:Lyricanna 13 19
A Call To Arms by Athena-Erocith A Call To Arms :iconathena-erocith:Athena-Erocith 905 72
Happy new year + Fan Art GM
Happy New year everyone!!
Here in Spain we're less than 3h away from 2010 :iconeagerpee:! I hope you guys have an amazing new year!
Before anything, I want to thank you all for your well wishes and caring, my dad is still down about my grandma's death but we're doing fine and we'll move on <3 Don't worry my dears :smooch:
2009 was a year full of exciting and fun things! It started quite bad, especially with uni issues like me failing quite a lot of exams :| but hopefully I managed to get myself to study and passed 5 out of my 8 subjects, but that wasn't enough to get a schoolarship... Anyway! That summer I met a lot of wonderful people in an English summer course I made <33 I miss them lots! And the closer it gets to the end of the year, the better it is! I got myself to study a lot for my exams even though it meant to be delayed with commissions, and I got good marks for 2 important exams =) On deviantART I was honored seniority on the last round of 2009 that wa
:iconrydi1689:rydi1689 1 65
Fan Art: A Guide
Defining what is and what isn't Fan Art and how it applies to you
:heart: This guide to fan art is long overdue, and will hopefully clarify what really is and what really isn't fan art here on deviantART.
It's been a learning curve for me--there isn't one cut and dry answer explaining it, but luckily there are just a FEW cut and dry answers that will hopefully educate all of us.
This guide is intended to be a reference when you've worked long and hard on your amazing artwork and then stop and say, "Hey, is this fan art?" Or if you're browsing the galleries and something in the back of your head says, "Could this be a miscat?"
The Breakdown
When looking at a a piece of artwork, the first question you should ask yourself is, "Is the artwork I did copyright to someone else?" Copyright belongs to the original author/creator of a work. "Copyright applies to any expressible form of an idea or information that is substantive and discrete and fixed i
:iconaunjuli:aunjuli 336 143
Fan Art Article Archive
Fan Art Related Articles
This is a listing of Fan Art Articles written by aunjuli & other deviants! If you have a fan art article you want to go in here, send aunjuli a note!
Fan Art Community Newsletters
Issue #7 August 6, 2009
Issue #6 May 28, 2009
Issue #5 April 6, 2009
Issue #4 - May 5th
Issue #3 - March 23rd
Issue #2 - February 17
Issue #1 - January 19
Notable Fan Artist Series
Issue #2 - July 7th
Issue #1 - July 7th
Important Fan Art Artic
:iconaunjuli:aunjuli 1 10
Fan Art and Celebrities Explained!
This article is meant to explain the relationship between Fan Art, celebrities, and the characters they portray.
First and foremost:
Portraits, pictures, photographs, drawings, paintings, etc. of a celebrity themselves (not in character) are not Fan Art.
Any artwork you create, or photograph you take which is of a celebrity themselves, be it portrait, full body, or somewhere in between should always be uploaded into the proper corresponding gallery (digital, traditional, photography etc.) in the people/portraits category.

All of the above examples are not Fan Art, and reside in their respective galleries.
Furthermore artworks depicting rock stars, sport stars, etc. are also not considered to be Fan Art and should be uploaded into their rightful galleries under the people or portraits category.
So what about artworks or photographs that portray the celebrity as a character he/she has acted as or performed
:iconcosmosue:cosmosue 496 831
Fan Art + Fan-Fiction DD Roundup
Features by Lyricanna

Boar Rider by ScottPellico
Vivi by RikaMello Come! Face your nightmare! by Puzzletoad
Day 18- Seed by BeaGifted
Features by TheCreativeJenn
Ya missed me, bub. by Mirax3163 4th Doctor by EatToast
Daenerys, Mother of Dragons by gonzalokenny
Bonnibel by Soap-Committee

The Warth by Jaydekim The Secret of Kells by SaraForlenza
:iconthecreativejenn:TheCreativeJenn 6 12
If I Could DD: Fan Art
Hello, deviantART Community!
First off, a massive thank you to our amazing participants in this Community Feature project!! It has been such a pleasure given the opportunity to see the varied tastes and talents featured in each of your journals. To see the full journals, scroll all the way at the end where the credit is given to the community achievers. :) For now, enjoy those who are our hard-working Fan Artists that were deemed worthy of a Daily Deviation!
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


Belle (Christmas time) by Alena-Koshkar
:iconthecreativejenn:TheCreativeJenn 7 9
PE: Fan Art and Anime/Manga - Miscats
A miscat (or miscategorization) is how we usually refer to an artwork that was categorized incorrectly when submitted to deviantART. On this article, I'll talk about what is likely the most common case of miscategorizing within the Manga&Anime galleries: Fan Art.  And to start with, let's start by clarifying what each gallery is for.
What to submit to the Manga & Anime category?
On Manga&Anime and each of its subcategories (that were explained in detail by myself and cinyu yesterday), you must submit only original art, made with either traditional or digital media, that contains the features of the japanese manga/anime art style.That means the art style used by you has to be recognizable as manga/anime, but the character drawn by you mustn't be copyrighted, so it has to be completely created and developed by you.
:iconvelcake:VelCake 8 8
Happy [late] BirthdAy, Fan Art!
Did you Know?
It is a very late recognition, but our beloved Fan Art Gallery has turned 5 years old on May 9, 2012.
On May 9, 2007, the Director of Community Relations Moonbeam13 announce the new Root category through a festive news announcement.
And since then, the following deviants have nurtured it after it's formation.








TheCreativeJenn (me!)

While the growth of our Gallery were handled with various hands, we also sought after keep the community happy. Whether you are a deviant who noticed the changes since the beginning, or if you're a deviant who just recognized Fan Art
:iconthecreativejenn:TheCreativeJenn 7 14
Fan Art Gallery - .gif files now allowed!
Hello, everyone!
In the past, fan artists weren't able to submit .gif files (including animations) to the Fan Art Gallery, therefore having to submit their Fan Art in this format to other galleries.
However, this week things have changed and now you can submit .gif (animated or not) to Fan Art. This is great news because Fan Art in animated or static .gif form can be now submitted to the proper gallery.  
Happy submitting, fellow fan artists!
:iconcommunityrelations:communityrelations 5 5
Official Fan Art Newsletter [#01]
| Table of Contents |
- Official Community News -
- Community Projects & Interviews -
- Concerns of the Community -
- Ideas & Suggestions -
- Community Spotlight -
Official Community News
:star: A Tribute to Robin Williams by techgnotic
:star: Guardians of the Galaxy by madizzlee
:star: Fan Art Friday: Assassin's Creed by Lyricanna
:star: Fan Art Friday: Persona by Lyricanna
:iconthecreativejenn:TheCreativeJenn 26 15
Fan Art + Fan-Fiction DD Roundup
Important Update

Official Fan Art Newsletter [#01]
In regards to Daily Deviations and other matters, please read, fave, and promote this article!
:heart: :heart: :heart:
Features by SingingFlames

Features by Lyricanna
    Loki - King of Asgard by Quelchii  library tea party by WylfiArt
:iconthecreativejenn:TheCreativeJenn 29 11
Community of Fan Art Love 2.0.
We all know that February is getting close! So, to celebrate the month of love and friendship, we want to make a big collaboration with many Fan Artists from the site to create a mural that shows our love for the community!
The idea.
Back in 2008, aunjuli hosted a project called "Community of Fan Art Love" in order to spread the love in the Fan Art community.
This was the result: :heart:
We would like to revisit that same project, but this time we hope it will be bigger, much bigger!
For full details please see the news article.:love:
We're looking forward to see your entries, have fun! :iconkissmeeplz:
:iconcommunityrelations:communityrelations 2 12
A Guide to the Subcategories of Fan Art
Galleries Month
Hello and welcome to the Fan Art section of the galleries description month :wave:  Basically, I'm here to give you a play by play of how the Fan Art sub categories are structured and what belongs in them.  On August 30th, STelari will be giving you a guide to Traditional Art and Fan Art miscategorizations and VelCake will be giving you a guide to Anime/Manga and Fan Art miscategorizations, so I will not delve too deeply into those here.  So let's delve into the wonderful world of Fan Art!
What is Fan Art?
Fan Art is the Level 1 category found on the category tree.  Fan Art is currently defined as art containing copyrighted characters or concepts.  This basically means art of characters, creatures, locations, items, etc that are under copyright and were NOT originally created by you.  But the word concepts is also important here; characters created for a specific fandom also have a home in Fan Art, since they build on t
:iconlyricanna:Lyricanna 23 8

The Fan Art Empire

King fella (Universe) by Ehsartem THE FAN ART EMPIRE King fella (Universe) by Ehsartem

Fan Art is one of many expressions of art that allows to a fan do homage to Those stories and favorite characteres copyrighted by others. We all know that entails working with material That is not ours, because many Fan Artists we do a copyright sacrifice and great effort to Contribute to the community With These wonderful pieces of fan art, Which in fact are Regarded as true treasures.

The Fan Art community has grown a lot since its inception and hope that this continues, that appear more talented and wonderful artists who show a willingness to share their knowledge and experiences to help this great empire to continue growing more.


:iconcommunityrelations: communityrelations was created up with the name of Artist Relations and the team members were called Gallery Directors. Later in October 2008, the group name is officially changed to the name that we all know and the GDs they became in Gallery Moderators (Currently, Community Volunteers). Back in 2007, the Fan Art gallery got its first Director: animator.

Since then, all directors (CVs) who have protected to this wonderful gallery, have devoted a lot of time and effort, combined with his unquestionable community spirit, to promote fan art in the community and help artists of Fan Art to be better every day =D

All CVs of the Fan Art gallery:


Current CVs: TsaoShin


:iconfanartclassroom: :iconcr-fanart-contests: :iconfan-art-world:

Free Avvie - Rudolph Red-Nose by r0se-designs Free Avvie - Santa Ho Ho Ho by r0se-designs Free Avvie - Rudolph Red-Nose by r0se-designs Free Avvie - Santa Ho Ho Ho by r0se-designs Free Avvie - Rudolph Red-Nose by r0se-designs Free Avvie - Santa Ho Ho Ho by r0se-designs



Christmas gift-Bayle (pascua-Tanya Oc) by Azrrael-domah Tiara (Pascua OC) by Azrrael-domah Abrazo by Extraestelar Zelsius(Zill-de Pascua-Tania) y yo by Extraestelar
:thumb529736526: Icever/Glacier (Gift) by Lourdes10012
Tiara. by Lourdes10012 Pascua- Gift by Lourdes10012
Icever (face)-Gift by Lourdes10012 We will see us again Zill. by Lourdes10012
Solo fue un beso... by Lourdes10012 Pascua no yandere by Extraestelar
Jolly, Anny y Kassury by Extraestelar Icever (gift) by Extraestelar
Bio-Androide XD by Extraestelar Zill y Any by Extraestelar
La yandere yandere Pascua, parte II by Extraestelar Princess Icy and Freezy by Extraestelar
Abrace a Icever by Extraestelar La yandere Pascua by Extraestelar
Para: Pascua-Tanya by Extraestelar Gay Icejins by FresaFriezaCold
Do not steal my boyfriend!! by FresaFriezaCold


:iconcellfandomclub: :iconayu-da: :iconnoticias: :iconcomunidaddeviantart: :iconfan-art-world: :iconprojecteducate: :icondevnews: :iconddsuggestiondrive: :icontraditionalists:



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART



Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art



My real name is Genesis, I have 24 years and am a 7th semester student in the career of Plastic Arts> Painting. I chose this career because I want to improve my technique of drawing and color (I have learned many interesting things), to become a professional artist. I also want to find my own artistic style, find out what kind of artist I am meant to be.

The name Pascua was a nickname adopted at a forum of Xiaolin Showdown series, in honoring Pascualina, of the diary. Later I decided to use this nickname for myself, along with Tanya that is the name of one of my female characters in Armada Transformes, created in the same forum. Currently, I have a character that is my fictional version and is named Pascua :)

I have 5 years on DA, starting on November 16, 2009 and this year will have six years. It was the best thing that ever happened to me in life, including being admitted to a university dedicated to the arts (Traditional Arts, Audio-Visual Arts, Dance, Theater, Music and History.). With both, have changed my perspective on the arts and has allowed me to meet many interesting things, important aspects of the art that I had not considered in the past. I realized that art is more than just draw cartoon characters.

In these six years in DeviantArt, I have made many friends (As: sangheili13, lauraypablo, Starshot-seeker, Luzbel-Andrea, Artemisito), who have taught me many things about the site and have made my experience very fun and rewarding. I found two groups, one of which helped me discover that I can give selfless help to others. These groups are Ayu-dA and communityrelations, I am the Director in the first. However, I have learned that give support to DA Community goes beyond just that give support about the technical side of the site. It means always being there for the community, sharing artistic resources and perform special projects to help users/artists to grow as such. It involves knowledge, motivation, charisma and community spirit. And the main motivation should be the COMMUNITY.

If you want to know more about my experience in DA, I invite you to read My DeviantArt Story

My favourite type of art is Fan Art!! =D. So all my DA gallery is full of all kinds of Fan Art, because I dedicated part of my life to this art. In fact, the Fan Art allowed me to enter the world of art and improve greatly my style of drawing and coloring. Perhaps is not considered by some as a way of original art because I'm drawing the characters that belong to someone else, but I have also created my own characters and I think the Fan Art is also important in our artistic growth. So I want to be a Community Volunteer ( :heart: ^) in the Fan Art Gallery!! :dummy:.

I usually give a favorite to those Fan Arts of my favorite characters and series such as Cell DBZ (I love me this bad boy), Hot Shot and Starscream of Armada Transformers, My Little Pony, Disney movies, etc. I also give a favorite to pieces of art, of other categories, that called my attention

My Portofolio:


:heart::heart::heart: #5 Comision - Primavera Invernal by Azrrael-domah :heart::heart::heart:

:heart::heart::heart: Comision-Contigo by Azrrael-domah :heart::heart::heart:

Commissions by my friend Azrrael-domah :iconazrrael-domah:

:heart::heart::heart: Commission: Hugs for you Daddy X3 (FU7 and Jolly) by Lourdes10012 :heart::heart::heart:

Commission by my friend Lourdes10012 :iconlourdes10012:




I Love You Most

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 10, 2019, 4:01 PM

Every day from February 8th to 14th, deviants will get the chance to share the love with the entire DeviantArt community with a daily prompt! Heart. I invite you to participate in the  Valentine's Day: Show Your Heart! challenge! Hamtaro Hamster Emoji-07 (Cute Dance) [V1].  

For the Valentine's Day: Show Your Heart for February 10th, I share with you five incredible works of art of gryphons because I love these beautiful, majestic and impotent fantastic creatures. Who would not like to be one of them and have wings to leave the earth and sail the immense blue sky? Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] . This is one of my wildest fantasies I am a dummy! .


heart balloons Griffins heart balloons 


Pascua-Tanya has started a donation pool!
540 / 4,000

Any donation will be appreciated, I do not ask for much. My points will be destined to help other users with their commissions (I ask them something), give them to anyone who needs them or for events related to my Ayu-dA and Fan-Art-World groups, until something a little larger than community they can enjoyment, if there is a possibility. I would love to organize my own contests if everyone likes the idea :heart:.

My commissions are currently open. If you want to order something, please read the price list and you can contact me by private note or a comment in the same publication =D

Pascua's Commission OPEN AGAIN|InfoBullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink Bullet; Red Bullet; Orange Bullet; Yellow           


Paypal Me

Open Comms by Enjoumou Open PComms by Enjoumou dA Points Accepted Stamp by dalmins

Copyright 8 by Th3EmOo Marianasweet Donate by marianasweet

You must be logged in to donate.


MY FIRST FAVOURITE heart balloons 
Starscream and Hotshot by ryusno
Back then my obsession was Transformers Armada, especially these two cute guys ... Hot Shot and Starscream! Autobot Bullet Decepticon Bullet Heart bum 

I Love You Most

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 10, 2019, 4:01 PM

Every day from February 8th to 14th, deviants will get the chance to share the love with the entire DeviantArt community with a daily prompt! Heart. I invite you to participate in the  Valentine's Day: Show Your Heart! challenge! Hamtaro Hamster Emoji-07 (Cute Dance) [V1].  

For the Valentine's Day: Show Your Heart for February 10th, I share with you five incredible works of art of gryphons because I love these beautiful, majestic and impotent fantastic creatures. Who would not like to be one of them and have wings to leave the earth and sail the immense blue sky? Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] . This is one of my wildest fantasies I am a dummy! .


heart balloons Griffins heart balloons 


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Happy Halloween S by AStoKo Happy Halloween FREESTUFF by AStoKo Halloween Bats K by AStoKo Pascua-Tanya!
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