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Last July marked a decade ago that I joined deviantART, and I'd like to take a moment and thank this insane community for everything that this pushed me to doing.

I always had a love for interfaces and design, in 2000 when I was 10 years old I popped a CD-ROM (they look like what you put in your PS4) into my IBM Aptiva and it booted up a fullscreen highly illustrated menu for kids that allowed to install programs (now called 'Apps'.)

I started tweaking my computer for years, my username is even a rip-off of a Winamp skin I was using at the time by 883Design and when I got to deviantART I was required to sign up to download one of celsojunior and javierocasio beautiful wallpapers, and mattahan's icons.

I ended up trying to make my own wallpapers, then my own designs, and eventually my own Windows msstyle files (themes) with the entire community at my back to make what eventually became WRMZ and Peppered3 (Kjherstin, eggy, snowmask, frozenpandaman, CrisVector duhcoolies, eldarwen, twiggette - my how many senior badges.)
These got featured in magazines all over the world, got me into the spotlight, pushed me to major in art and design in college.

I did my internships in the US, worked all over Europe, travelled the world, and am still travelling, working remotely. I ended up being a freelance Front-end developer and UX designer and have been successfully independent for 4 years now, accomplishing more then I ever dared dream of I could do, and while these things make me intensely happy, I miss the sense of community from the days where I feuded with mistercreevy for who could apply the best Outer Glow to their Photoshop Illustrations, and laughed with archanN about the insanity of the stuff we pulled.

I mean to get back to making some illustrations, or at least publishing some of my work. And I'd love your thoughts and ideas on what to get started on, challenge me to make something! (especially you mauricioestrella)

Currently I live in Wellington, New Zealand with my girlfriend, we're set to continue our travels next year and stay in her native 日本
For now find me on my personal site, or on Twitter
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Hi everyone!

I'm moving across the Atlantic to New York City at the end of this month,
i was excited at first, now I'm just plain scared to leave everything I know behind,
I won't see my girlfriend for 3 months (she'll join me in NYC in November).

I need a place to stay in NYC still, if you know any good sublets in Brooklyn or a good (cheap) hostel near Chelsea or West Village that'd be awesome!

I'm going to be working at
I'm so excited/happy/scared/feeling weird!

It's been such a long time and from my uploads it's clear that not many of my followers are actually still using deviantART.
I've always thought deviantART has a very clear user base, mostly starting artists helping each other out.
As artists grow they all seem to leave this place and go elsewhere,
Behance, Dribbble, Forrst maybe even Flickr or just their own websites.

So here's hello to a new generation of young artists,
and hello again to the people still here, I missed you.
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See my newest work on Dribbble!…

I'll upload the wallpapers to deviantART if you like them :)

Can anyone send me a Dribbble invite?

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 14, 2010, 5:29 AM
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Hi guys!

Can anyone send me a Dribbble invite?


Google Wave

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 4, 2009, 9:39 AM
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anyone has an invite for me to test this thing?


Let me do your deviation's lighting and effects!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2009, 2:08 PM
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Hi guys!

If you make something cool, but it just doesn't have that final graceful touch of light or colour,

I'll colour it for you and light it up perfectly, for free of course!
Why? Because i'm THAT awesome!!!

Preview of new art, PLEASE COMMENT IN THIS JOURNAL! :eager:

<a href="" target="_blank>

Hi everyone,

theming these days really is a bother,
without the help of plugin's like windowblinds theming for vista or windows 7 has never been made really easy,
back with XP we used Stylebuilder of course,

I now know what my good friend Threed- has been through with Plexis/Tingle,
Apojii has been a curse from the start,
when i created the mockup together with javierocasio and Threed- i decided it looked very good,
but i myself had swiched to vista,
so i started to re-do the theme for windowblinds, i actually bought windowblinds and skinstudio from stardock to get things running perfectly,

after a few polls you guys told me that your all using xp,
and i found out that most of the features i'd been working on (transparacy and the start menu) didn't work if you loaded the theme on xp,
this was a real bother to me,

to make matters 'worse' i switched to mac a few months later,
and apojii has been sitting unfinished in a folder on my creative documents for more then a year now,
and i apolagise, because i know a lot of you really wanted the theme,

eventually i decided to wait for macintosh skinning,
now even Magnefique (the mac skinning app for leo) doesnt quite deliver on professionalism,
i'm waiting for Facade to launch.

I'm happy to report i'm running Snow Leopard 10A402 and a beta of Facade to properly use Architect,
and creating an updated version of Apojii for mac,

to be honest i dont have that much interest in finishing it for windowblinds,
but i guess it should only be a few weeks of work,
so tell me, how badly to you want an updates apojii? :o

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Thanks everyone! :)
i've decided on using 3 and 6,
3 for noastudios and 6 for my personally,
i'm both giving them a proper update before using them!

Oh, new noastudios coming up soon!
We're even shooting promotional movies :O…

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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 23, 2009, 4:26 AM
  • Watching: Lost

Can someone explain to me why half of the images in my gallery have gone corrupt?!

:( Recent Tracks


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 21, 2009, 5:19 PM
  • Watching: Lost

You read it anyway? YEAH! Your a bad boy/girl! xD
Come kick my ass in this extremely lame and fully automatic-i-don't-have-to-do-a-thing flash fighting game!
Try beating my AWESOME lvl 3 character xD Recent Tracks


Journal Entry: Mon Apr 13, 2009, 11:52 AM
  • Watching: Lost

I want more lost, right now, last week was awesome. Recent Tracks

Hidden Messages in my Art

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 31, 2009, 9:58 AM
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  • Listening to: The Hustle
  • Reading: Sherlock Holmes, all 56 short stories.
  • Watching: 30 Rock, yeah i ran out of Lost...
  • Playing: Fable II and Fallout 3, my xbox tag is enkera
  • Eating: Pizza, i shouldn't have.
  • Drinking: Tonic, Bitter Lemon, i love how bitter it is.

Yeah so, i get paid for saying Chup-a-Chups a lot! :D
Not that that bothers me so much thanks to the enormous cashflow,
it's more that i actually have to eat the things all day and they just rot your teeth out.
Then again i love sucking on things...
Now if that sounded gay to you, i was talking about boobs... yeah..

So i made a few new works, but one at a time is going to be released, so be patient,
and just say fuck you to your clients for now my dear collegues,
also i've been thinking about releasing Apojii for quite some time now,
primairily because it's been done since June last year,
but it hasn't gotten all these tiny things (the annying things like volume drag things etc) in it,
and i've kinda been using an iMac for a year now,
so thats hard.

I got asked by Peter Mathis, Threed-, to collab on Apojii and make a more clean version for the Macintosh,
now i'm not a mac fanboy, far from it as you probably know,
so if you want Apojii for windows you can probably buy it this summer for about 15 bucks over at
They kinda wanted an exclusive, thats why i haven't released it... sorry..

Well this was my thesis on how blond american girls talk,
so, *giggle* bye bye now

PS, dudes and sexyladies, you should totally watch Lost. Thanks!

I need a little CSS help?

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 6, 2009, 2:58 PM

Anyone here knows/has time to, help me with a small bit of css i cant seem to get working?
reach me on msn:


Why so serious?

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 18, 2009, 9:26 AM

Been thinking about what i really want to do next year in school,
i could go for safe and enter somthing that's design or art,
but as you know i'm kinda dried up in that area, everything i make, and everything others make, i simply hate and find too simple (no offense guys ;P).

Right now i'm extremely interested (and ENJOYING) making 3D and websites,
but if i go for that direction next year, there's no way im going back to art/design in school. (i think)

I really don't know what to take on, so i made a bit of a roadmap:

2002 - Pencil
2003 - Wood
2004 - Metal
2005 - Digital (MS Paint)
2006 - Photoshop, Vector, Wallpapers.
2007 - Visual Styles, Real Photoshopping, collaborating.
2008 - Illustrator (no success), Poser (no success), Music (no success), APOJII-FAILED <-- Failed Year
2009 - 3D, Web, Flash, Airbrush, InDesign ?

I - 2010 - Paint, Art, Calligraphy, Traditional arts.
II - 2010 - Multimedia, 3D Animation, Web innovation.
III - 2010 - 3D, Game Design
VI - 2010 - General Design aka Conservative.

Eventual Goal: 2015 - Studio work, in the area in which i excel most and enjoy the most. Making a living out of various ways of design, i really hope to be able to create in as many way's as possible.

Just thought i'd write this down, cheers guys, thanks for the recent upgrade in support!


Journal Entry: Mon Jan 12, 2009, 3:08 AM

Allright so the primairy advise was to reinstall OS X,
i had allready tried to do this a few months ago to no effect,
anyway i bought an external hdd case and placed an old 500GB hdd into it i had lying around,
it was usb though, so i had to wait about 24 hours for the time machine backup,
after that i turned off the disk and booted into mac os x install disks,
did a Clean and install this time,
after the install (of course i had 0 files and apps) everything worked fine,
i then went into time machine and restored my backed up account, another 24 hours,

I made a new account, and transported all my files to it, the apps remained installed,
i had to edit all permissions for this new account though,
After that i tested Quickview again,
the result:
the problem changed from quickview not going away to quickview crashing finder without a crash report :s

So i thought, let's update os x,
but my airport didnt work?!
airport simply didnt show up anywhere!
After a while i configured my mac to connect to the internet using my 3G phone and bluetooth,
after spending 10 hours downloading the updtaes it installed them but gave an error,
then i restarted,
and it restared,
went to apple screen (grey apple and chime)
then restarted,
i let that cycle happen for about 30 minutes when i started looking for help on my phone,

turns out more people had the same problem but apple had no solution except reinstall os x,

so having to do huge trouble to get into the drive choice menu using my wireless keyboard (timing is everything),
i booted into install again,
clean install,
waited till the introuction menu's,

there i restored only my account from time machine, no apps or files or network stuff,
it just booted,
the problems seem fixed!!

...but i lost all my applications

so all in all i think the problem was a quickview plugin,
by my guess it was something like stuffit or something...
Oh well, airport works now,
i'm going to re-download and install all my apps now...
Anyway NO thanks to Apple.


Xbox 360 built around PlayStation 3 Cell tech.

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 5, 2009, 10:12 AM


Some people describe the Xbox 360 as a watered down version of the PlayStation 3. Those people are more right than they imagined.
A new book, entitled "The Race For A New Game Machine" reveals that the Xbox 360's tech was built around the technology of the PS3's Cell processor. The book was written by David Shippy and Mickie Philips, two major figures behind the design of the Cell.

The book reveals that back in 2001, Sony partnered with Toshiba and IBM to make the Cell chip. During its development, Microsoft approached IBM to have their own chip built around components of the Cell chip. From Wall Street Journal:
All three of the original partners had agreed that IBM would eventually sell the Cell to other clients. But it does not seem to have occurred to Sony that IBM would sell key parts of the Cell before it was complete and to Sony's primary videogame-console competitor.The result was that Sony's R&D money was spent creating a component for Microsoft to use against it.

Mr. Shippy and Ms. Phipps detail the resulting absurdity: IBM employees hiding their work from Sony and Toshiba engineers in the cubicles next to them; the Xbox chip being tested a few floors above the Cell design teams.
Mr. Shippy says that he felt "contaminated" as he sat down with the Microsoft engineers, helping them to sketch out their architectural requirements with lessons learned from his earlier work on Playstation.

You may be wondering, if they both had the same tech, how did the Xbox 360 get to the market first? Explains WSJ:
Both designs were delivered on time to IBM's manufacturing division, but there was a problem with the first chip run. Microsoft had had the foresight to order backup manufacturing capacity from a third party. Sony did not and had to wait another six weeks to get their first chips.
So Microsoft actually got the chip that Sony helped design before Sony did. In the end, Microsoft's Xbox 360 hit its target launch in November 2005, becoming its own success. Because of various delays, the Playstation 3 was pushed back a full year.

Probably the most painful part for Sony is that they paid US$ 400 million for the technology.

Enkera: Whahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa*le gasp*...Whahahahahahahaaaaaa! BURNED!

I HATE OS X + Happy 2009

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 2, 2009, 10:24 AM

Hi all, happy 2009 everyone, best of wishes and may all your naughty, dirty and greedy dreams come true, have a good one!

I'm fed up with Mac OS X,
I've been using the system for about 8 months now on a 24" iMac,
i can honestly say that a great deal of my creative-numbness of the past year has been a problem that's been extended by this operating system,
it's been a real drag getting to know this OS, because, as a nerd, you want full control of everything you do,
mac OS x doesn't offer this to me, it's all smooth-smooth and no work-work.

It's also been an actual DRAG thanks to (and mostly to) Apple's Mouse drivers,
put shortly: THEY SUCK. The whole mouse acceleration was supposed to make things simpler and I'm supposed to get used to it in a month or two,
NOT HAPPENING, the whole system sucks freaking ass, i even bought a 100 euro Logitech MX Revolution mouse (which apple barely supports, just like it doesn't support my printer, my phone, my roommates mp3 player and just about any other thing i hook into it, including my camera)
the MX really did help, for a while,
after i noticed i still could work about 10 to 20 times faster (NO JOKE) on a PC in photoshop, i started looking for help,
i found some mouse driver software that overrides apple's, 2 of them were fairly good and worked for a while, but still, i work faster on a PC,

then there's the constant distraction from your work,
i really advise anyone with any problems concentrating to not buy a mac,
the system is bloated and full of functions and tools that you don't need,
difference with vista (which is also way to bloated) is that in vista you can download hacking tools and tweak the os to your liking,
you only need a few programs and internet right? Mac offers you about twenty useless apps which you cant turn off working in the background,
it's like watching TV while trying to work, cant work on what you should be working at.

I've found a few apps that completely go fullscreen for writing and for internet (writeroom and plainview, very good apps)

Then there's the messiness of ex-Macromedia products that simply don't work on a mac, i say dreamweaver and flash,
and 3ds max isn't even available for mac,

all in all i had to keep switching to my bootcamp so much, that i practically spend more time in windows then mac,
now last month with my birthday my girl gave me an xbox 360, which needs to get online and connect to windows media center,
i found some alternatives for mac, and i spend a good 4 days hacking around in my network settings to get it working with my mac,
but after all that work i still spent more and more time in windows,

today i got Computer Arts magazine's newest issue, which beautifully features two of my design-friends (who think i think too highly of myself, i suffer from Inferiority complex, but that's OK) on page 108, which really urges me to create something awesome,
so here i am, annoying the freaking shit out of myself trying to use photoshop on mac,

all in all, can someone please point me to a mouse driver system for mac that emulates how a mouse should be on a pc?
If not, can anyone point me to a guide that explains how to completely remove mac OS x from my iMac? because it taking up a lot of space!


Xbox 360

Mac OS X
Burning half your finger on a bottle rocket.

My Birthday! I got an Xbox!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 11, 2008, 12:30 AM

Last monday as some of you seem to know (seeming from my awesome friendly page comments, thank you!) was my birthday!
Yesterday i held a nice lil party at home with some friends,
i had a really nice day,
my girl gave me an Xbox 360!!!
My gamertag is Enkera (no! really?) for those of you who want to add me :D
I'm a real n00b so i'm perfect meat for your guns in Unreal3 and Halo ;)

Anyway here's a nice tutorial site my friend Julien found:

See you! :heart: Enkera

Hi!! :D

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2008, 6:27 PM

Thanks to violentsamurai for the 3 month subscribtion!
It was very motivational to see that beside you complaining little bitches from my previous journal there is still some love in this place :heart: :P
Take that as a compliment whining little bitches, because it's nice there's whiney little bitches like you as well, i missed you *smooch* :kiss:

I've been a great fan of mattahan for a few years and decided to make and host a his website as he never had one and really wants one,
i even bought for him! Have a look at the stupid preview page ;)

I'm now slowly starting to get skilled with:
my airbrush and other traditional art tools,

i'll upload a scan of a painting soon!
working on digital art now! :D


Poetry in Motion by JaxeNL :thumb104254085: Evelyn by mattahan retro zen by ether Kaboom Collaboration - 32 by ZirTuan :thumb90151589: Elle, l'artiste. by eldarwen Through the glass by Atossaa :thumb104262831:

Hello Kitty Vibrators
Heart-Shaped lollypops
WESC Headphones

Not cleaning your airbrush
Getting a huge electrical shock
Falling from a 40 story building (obviously)

See you! :heart: Enkera