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Hey all !!! Cat on Fish 

Let me talk about a new project starting in august.
Everything's in the journal's title: 
I'll make a porn magazine full of furries ! Bi Paw 
So kinky, furry and sweaty rainbow heart 2 Jeya smug icon 

I'll create some characters as models, posing in the magazine. It means soft and less soft NSFW tag Icon ultra  art ! At the same time, I'll create a background for each of those characters and then you'll be able to follow their own lil story.

I plan to create 
MANY queer characters then be ready for boixboi, girlxgirl, trans beans and much more ! 
It's completely queer friendly rainbow heart 2  

Trans Pride (F2U) Non Binary (F2U) Genderfluid Pride (F2U) Genderflux Pride (F2U) :bademoticon: Genderqueer Pride (F2U) Pansexual Pride (F2U) Bisexual Pride (F2U) Homosexual Pride2 (f2u) Lesbian Pride (F2U) 

Well the project has no deadline, because I'm a busy person y'know :happycry: --- 50x50px Emoticon  No rush !
It will take as long as it needs to be fully created and 
PRINTED. Yes, you heard well: Printed.
At then end of the project, I'll launch it on Kickstarter to get the funds to have it FOR REAL ! In my hands 
rainbow heart 2rainbow heart 2rainbow heart 2 My lil babe .:puppy happy love:. 

For the moment, I'll post Censored icon  versions of my illustrations on social networks. BUT you can see more on my Patreon.
That means 
UNCENSORED illustrations and much more !
At the end of the project, I'll reward each of my patrons for their support during the project's process.

See you on my Patreon and I hope you'll enjoy to be a part of this with me ! I love you 

Playfurr Magazine: Your porn magazine with furries by Pascalou