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It's Morina IN FULL COLOR by PascalOfPiers It's Morina IN FULL COLOR :iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 6 4 It's Morina! by PascalOfPiers It's Morina! :iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 5 6 Valessa the Fancy Knight! by PascalOfPiers Valessa the Fancy Knight! :iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 16 14 Get Ara Fell already! by PascalOfPiers Get Ara Fell already! :iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 4 4 Get Ara Fell by PascalOfPiers Get Ara Fell :iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 6 2 This is why Sidequest Givers should have Rewards by PascalOfPiers This is why Sidequest Givers should have Rewards :iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 4 5 Dreaming of a Weissssss Christmasssss~ by PascalOfPiers Dreaming of a Weissssss Christmasssss~ :iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 55 44
Mature content
Just like old times :iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 4 5
The Eeeeeevil Angel Sisters! by PascalOfPiers
Mature content
The Eeeeeevil Angel Sisters! :iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 2 2
Ana by PascalOfPiers Ana :iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 5 14
Name: Anastasia (Ann-A-Stay-Zha) Von Wolfgang (Wulf-gun)
Age: 26.
Gender: Female.
Height: 6’3.
Alias: The Aqua Adept!
Affiliation: Super Hero!
Personality:  Anastasia was always a very happy person. She tends to look on the bright side of things, almost to an extreme. She’s very outgoing and happy to help others, and doesn’t let her popularity get to her. She can be a bit too peppy and jumpy and hyper, but she’s by no means a bad person. She will get serious if people’s lives are in danger, but for the most part, she’s peppy. She really enjoys reading, and at one point in time wanted to be a Marine Biologist, thinking she could use her powers to learn more about Hezsc’s oceans and seas and lakes. When she found out she could instead supply water to places in need of it for money, she was a bit depressed that it meant she couldn’t do her dream job, but she accepted. She’s incredibly charitable, but that’s something that ca
:iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 5 0
Name: Lucillia Schultz.
Age: 25.
Gender: Female.
Height: 6’3.
Alias: ROCKSTAR, last knight…OF ROCK!
Affiliation: Super-Hero!
Personality: As herself, Lucillia has always been shy. Ever since her parents died, she had a hard time making friends, though the friends she did have she was able to keep close with. She’s a faithful companion, though she has some trouble in her job when she has to meet people. It took her a long time to get rid of her stutter. She hates injustice and feels it is her duty to help the little guy in society, though until she could become RockStar, she was never brave enough to do it. She also believes in the law, and will try to minimize damage as RockStar. Any damage she causes, she makes sure to anonymously pay for the repair. Speaking of her alter ego, RockStar is everything Lucillia wishes she was; she just gets this….this…weird boost of confidence, and has a blast! She hams it up, she gets to be dramatic, she gets to be…we
:iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 2 13
Name: Moira Hemsworth the 3rd (Currently, she masquerades as the 31st)
Age: TECHNICALLY, she became a vampire at 33, BUT if we count the time she’s been a vampire, she’s 247.
Gender: Female.
Height: Before Vampire: 5’7. After, and current; 6’4.
Alias: Jacqueline Ripper.
Affiliation: Super Hero.
Personality: She has two distinct personalities depending on the time of day. In the daytime, she’s a lot more serious and focused on her work as CEO of Hemsworth Corp. (A software industry, and one of the ten biggest companies on Hezsc that focuses on computers, robotics, and automobiles) but isn’t afraid to crack a smile and chuckle. She actually has plenty of less-than-rich friends, as well, and always tries her best to maximize her money while also not screwing over the little people. As a result, she can’t claim the spot of ‘richest woman on Hezsc’, but she doesn’t mind. She does crack some jokes, but it’s mostly business for
:iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 1 1
Name:  Milla Helena Ria.
Age: 27.
Gender:  Female.
Height: 6’3.
Alias: Psynergy! Cause she uses her powers in tandem with others, with synergy, you could say, and she has PSYchic powers! Gettit?
Affiliation: Super Hero!
Personality:  Milla is, at heart, a kind and loyal older sister to her adoptive little sis Renae. She has acted as both a motherly and sisterly figure to the girl when possible, and feels she has done a good job helping to raise her despite the deaths of her parents. As a lawyer, in court, Milla is all business. Not a wrinkle in her nice, black suit, her tie crisp and green, her usually long hair hidden and made to look short between her vest and her suit. She will arrive at the truth no matter what the cost, even to the detriment of her client, because of her greatest quality; her sense of justice. She believes in second chances…but she also believes in life sentences for murderers. Ironically, a lot of people she captures she ends up defendi
:iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 4 3
NAME: Jade Gilden and Glory.
SEX: Female and Female.
CLASS: Wyvern Rider and Flying Lizard.
ALIGHNMENT: Lawful Good and Lawful Good.
HAIR COLOR: Dark Green with the hair reaching just above her knees. Because of her long, green hair, she was given the nickname ‘GreenStreak’ when she started working for the Ylissean wyvern unit.
EYES: Green.
APPEARANCE: NO. I’m not good at this! She’s 25, has green hair and pale skin and stands at 6’1. She wears armor mixed with noble clothing, and often has gold streaks in her hair from jewelry stuff. She’s never without her trusty axe and Glory. Unless sleeping at an inn.
PERSONALITY AND HISTORY: She’s an optimist who isn’t easily broken by loss. She follows orders yet thinks for herself, and while new to the army she is nonetheless tough and willful. She’s very fond of her wyvern Glory, and is open to talking to people about their problems. She can be a little nervous when told to lead people, but
:iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 1 4
Fire Emblem OC Zwei!
NAME: Theresa Karst
SEX: Female!
CLASS: Hero!
ALIGHNMENT: Lawful Good!
HAIR COLOR: Long, reaching below her derriere, and blonde/green. It curls slightly at the end, and turns from blonde to green the further it goes.
EYES: Green!
APPEARANCE: She’s a monster of a woman, standing at 6’7. She makes most men feel small in comparison, honestly. Her skin is pale, but she has a kind face. She often wears a green cape with the Ylisse symbol on it to show her patriotism to Ylisse, but will wear capes not baring the symbol if needed. She is usually dressed in armor, though when not fighting, she likes to go around barefoot in ye olde smallclothes. She’s 35.
PERSONALITY (Which segues into BACKSTORY: Kind and caring, despite her beginnings as a Merc, she actually wasn’t much of a ’sellsword’. She took jobs freely, deciding to take what she got off her enemies as payment. Thus, she earned a small name in the borders of Ylisse as the ’Penniless Paladin
:iconpascalofpiers:PascalOfPiers 0 3

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My word, is this wonderful. You have the police cars, the streets, the billboards, the copters...everything in this pic looks and IS we...

First off, this series looks and seems wonderful. The whole idea of giving Mario and Shadow a full back story is much more original tha...



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Battle of the Birds! Which bird from A Hat in Time is better? 

10 deviants said The Conductor!
2 deviants said DJ Grooves!


Well well well who's this lovely lady? Why, she's the full colored version of It's Morina! by PascalOfPiers this! Both of these were done by :iconakinasilver: who is seriously awesome. If you haven't commissioned her yet to draw your D&D character, you should totally go do that right now! Less of a comic book-y look, but I still think it works! If you want the dealio on who this lady is and why she has an anime scarf and a masquerade mask, I'd advise looking at the sketch pic for the details, but to sum up, she's a Water Genasi Way of Four Elements Monk who thinks she's a hero. Really.

One thing I didn't mention in the previous picture is that she's also a master chef (really) who enjoys cooking monsters (really) for the party, among other things. She's seriously good at it, too! She has Expertise in Cook's utensils and everything! And with a Wisdom Score of 20 she's nearly guaranteed to make a fabulous meal.
It's Morina!
Yup! Here she is, as brought to us in comic book-y sketch form by :iconakinasilver: Akina is seriously great! The purchase was well worth it! You should all go commission her right now!

So...who is Morina? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, she's a thing called a Water Genasi, a race you can choose to play in the game Dungeons and Dragons. Unlike most Water Genasi, she's half-genie (the Shantae jokes write themselves, I assure you) and half-elf, instead of the usual half-genie/half-human deal. Specifically, her genie half is a Marid, the most powerful (and most haughty) type of Genie out there. I could get into all the nitty-gritty details about Marids and the like, but all you need to know is that, as Marids are water genies, Morina herself has some watery traits; she's amphibious, resists acid, and can use some water related abilities despite her class.

Oh right, class! She has one. She's a Monk, one of the 12 core D&D classes you can pick. Monks specialize in Dexterity and Wisdom, and Morina is no different! To be precise, she's a Four Elements Monk, which basically makes her like a bender from Avatar. In fact, I'm almost certain Avatar was the inspiration for the Way of the Four Elements. While Four Elements Monks can pick and choose what elemental abilities (called 'Disciplines') they want to use, Morina mostly uses earth and wind disciplines, but always has the good ole' Water Whip on standby.

It should be mentioned, however, that because the Way of the Four Elements Monk was terribly implemented, the lore 'fluff' is better than the mechanics 'crunch.' Way of the Four Elements is consistently considered one of the worst subclasses. THANKFULLY, my DM took pity on me and allowed for the use of a crowdsourced 'fix' to Four Elements monks. If you have ANY desire to play a Four Elements Monk, I highly recommend using the Way of Four Elements Remastered option.…

I'd point to Fist of Unbroken Air and Spellfist Stance as two of the 'essential' options. These allow you to do hit-and-runs and attack after casting a spell, respectively, and Monks are basically known for the former and Four Elements Monks are known for the later, so they're good options. Beyond that, go nuts! Have fun! There are a TON of fun options in there! I get a lot of mileage out of Earth Reaches For Sky, myself.

So, why the goofy anime scarf, comic book-y look, and silly mask? Why, because she's a hero!

...Yes, she thinks she's a superhero. She's getting better at it, I swear! And due to her high wisdom, she's not completely bonkers. She even got a girlfriend! Since her girlfriend is a Druid, the two elemental cuties go well together.

I hope you all like Morina!
Valessa the Fancy Knight!
A GIIIIIIANT thank you to :iconbrothertosomeone: for this! I happened to win a sorta lottery held by him, and as a reward he drew one of my many, many D&D characters.

I, uh...tend to make a lot of those. I like D&D.

This one is Valessa Bloomrose, a Wood Elf Bard. Yes, I realize that does nothing to help her Charisma. I liked the extra speed, and as you can see, she's more a stabby, Valor Bard than a singing Lore Bard! So the bonus dexterity helped.

Her whole deal is that she's a famous actress from the world she comes from, just like her parents before her and their parents before them. She fell in love with the knightly and heroic roles, however, and found herself only really trying out for them as opposed to all the others. One day, after being saved by a Knight as brigands attempted to overturn her cart to steal her money, Valessa decided, 'hey....I've played a Knight enough times...maybe I could be one!'

So she put on her hat, learned how to use the words of creation (as all Bards do) to heal allies and harm foes, and spent the last twenty years training with the rapier and bow. She's ready to take her act into the real world! The question is...will she meet an untimely end, or become a true knight without peer?

I'm excited to find out myself~
Battle of the Birds! Which bird from A Hat in Time is better?
10 deviants said The Conductor!
2 deviants said DJ Grooves!
I don't normally do these. But hey why not



Journal Entry: Sun Dec 31, 2017, 5:52 PM
I got the Switch for Christmas and found a charming little game! Now, I'm the kinda person who actually likes RPGmaker games (Seriously, 'A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky,' 'Ara Fell,' and 'Oracle of Tao' are the shit!) and this feels like a 'Zeldamaker' game. It's sorta like if 'A Link Between Worlds' was made by a different studio with a different name.

It's 'Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King!'…


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Battle of the Birds! Which bird from A Hat in Time is better? 

10 deviants said The Conductor!
2 deviants said DJ Grooves!


PascalOfPiers has started a donation pool!
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Going to start slow here. 1000 will do me well. I kinda want these points so I can give artists and people I think deserve them to them. While I myself buy points, it kinda gets hard after awhile. Please donate!


While doing a lit. trade (literature trade, trade, but with literature involved) I decided the BEST way to make money is to do shit for people.

For 30 points I do a one shot.
For 60 I do two parters.
For 90, a trilogy.
And so on. I believe people can see the pattern. However, if you happen to be on my friends list (Don't join unless you mean it) you get half off.

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