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By PascaldeJong
Hi there:D I've been very busy lately and it took a while before I could finish this. But now I had a couple of day's to work on INCHI'S CAT. It was suppose to be more of a character then a full painting but I decided to give it a little bit of a steam punk feel. Now it's back to work:).

Done in photoshop cs2 original size 3500 px height

Hope you all like it,

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Ohh thats lovely :)
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So.... which one is Inchi :D?
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I'm Inchi xD *taking link so I can suggest this work for a DD..* xp
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Beautiful work!!
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he bro, great work, love it!
this one reminds me a bit on my own drawing somehow:

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that is so very very kick ass! =D
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Very nice artwork!
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This is absolutely gorgeous!
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Steampunk catgirl ... well, I suppose it had to happen. Who's flying the ship, BTW?

Great work
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I cannot even fave this hard core enough. Love the bloody prints on the floor and how her legs and hips are in this pose, it is hard to tell if she is smiling or if someone's just given her some bad news that the group she led on board didn't all survive the fight to take the ship, and I love that!
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Wow, truly amazing work, so much detail :D
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Thanks, glad you like it:)
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