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115' Race classic Firefly

Hi there,

As promised the spinnaker. The first design , the second design and the painting inside and the spinnaker outside. It would have been nicer to have painted one on the spinnaker. (Here is the larger version Fire Fly by PascaldeJong.), but it was hand painted on the orange sail. The other painting is also used inside the ship.

Boat design
Hoek Design
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Lorcan0c's avatar
When you said "Firefly" for a second I thought it was a witty reference to the TV show :XD: But this is admirable and quite the wonder to behold I must admit :D
PascaldeJong's avatar
Thanks, it is in fact a really nice ship:D
Lorcan0c's avatar
I can see that. It's lovely :la:
QUEEN-INCHI's avatar
It looks really good. :)
Treyos's avatar
Cool! I was just looking at the original the other day and wondering about this. :) Can't say I'm surprised that they've got the original version hanging up inside, but I guess I can see why they didn't want to reproduce it on the sail. That ship looks pretty expensive!
PascaldeJong's avatar
Thanks, well they already ordered the orange spinnaker and the can't print on that. Also the orange spinnaker probably costs a shit load of money so it needed to be hand painted. Anyway still cool:) Nice boat:).
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