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The view.

The view.
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I love the scene, is amazing!! n_n

Hey PascalCampion,

Is there any way I can purchase this print.  The store doesn't appear active, however I have been asked by someone on how they can get this print, can assistance is appreciated.
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This literally makes me so calm within just a second of staring at it. Not only is it gorgeous and beautiful, but it helps with my anxiety. This is amazing.
I would have this on a wall if I could afford it.
Hi Pascal,

It is only recently that I came across your work. This painting particularly caught my eye and I must say that I am in awe of how beautifully you portray the cityscape.

I have seen many artists find their calling in depicting the countryside and nature. You are unique in that you see beauty even in the hustle and bustle of the city, which is something that I connect to.

I commend you on such a fine creation and hope that you continue to bring us many more in the future.

Brilliant work!
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This is extremely beautiful! I love the colors so much and the concept is just amazing!
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You're welcome! :)
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Can your provide info on when this will be available as a print?
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Ha.. this one has been available as a print since I first created it. You can just order it online from my store
Absolutely in love with this! Will you be selling prints?
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Thank you.
yes I do.
Here is a link to our store
Good pic for printing
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it does print pretty well
I second the desire for a print of this one. Fantastic!
Are you selling prints of this picture? I'd really like one :D
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Sweet Mary Mother of Ming the Merciless. I saw this over on /r/Art, and I am enamored. That look of scale, distance, and light. Stunning. I think I'm just going to fart about in your gallery for the next hour or two.
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