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The rainy day.

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The rainy day.
This one is a little different than most. I'm not sure it's totally clear but I like
exploring this.
After this though, I'll get back to single images for awhile.
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This is beautiful, the contrast between the white and greys, without using a drop of colour. Thank you for sharing!
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I needed to see this today. Thank you :)
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Excellent.  Just perfect.
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This is beautifully told.
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Ah, une petite dose d'optimisme!
En Belgique, la pluie, on connait, alors cette planche me parle tout particulièrement!
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Hmmm. Make workers happy and greatly increase production, loyalty and the quality of everyone's life or... keep pushing them to the sane limits, make rat races, make everyone feel awful, work bad, slow, fall sick and quit? When I was a kid I thought the answer was too obvious to even mention. Now it's like the world needs someone to show them a diagram explaining why good is good and why bad is bad. In ALL human activity areas.

"So wake me up when it's all over..." (c) Avicii
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Something I’ll always admire you for is how you’re able to really capture the feeling of the moment. I look at your work and it’s like I’m standing in the meadows playing with my dog. I can feel the cool ocean waves tickle my feet and I definitely feel the warm sun that you’ve just been longing for and how the moment of light gives you new life. 
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Life rarely gets better than taking a walk.
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