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The cat came back.

The cat came back.
_shhhh... be quiet or you might spook him
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genial , uno de mis favoritos

One of my favorites of yours. Thank you.
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 The Cat came back he didn't want to Roam the very next day it was Home Sweet Home.

(A song I heard on the Muppets many Years ago)
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the look and feel of the picture is much smoother and softer than your usual work; a refreshing change of pace to be sure I am a dummy! 
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i need more of these
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A lovely scene! :meditation:
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The sheer proportion between light and darkness in this one is very impressive. To be honest, I just don't know what to say, your style is simple yet it manages to deliver quite some impression, Amazing ! 
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As simple as it appears, it's still going in the list of "Top favorites from Pascal." 
You certainly got the fog effect working for you here too. Nice.
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yeah, that's how it started with me.  now it's 'the cat stole all the covers'  beautiful noising you've done in the painting.  
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The follow up picture should be "The cat won't leave."
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Memories! Except our just came up to the porch. :D
...for Revenge!!!
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Such a warm scene!
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Ohhhh...c'est trop géniale cette illustration. La couleur et la composition sont excellentes. :D
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Lovely picture!  Very atmospheric.  
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They almost always do!
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Nice details, man. ^^
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