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That one time....

That one time....
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this is so cool, what program do you use?
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very cute ^^
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That's happened to me before,a guy thought I was his friend from the back and tackle hugged/spinned me. He was so embarrassed when he saw it was me XD
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I love how their skinny legs fly everywhere! The emotion is captured so well it's easy to tell the story without words.
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rhoo c'est trop chouette comme histoire !
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This is a cute little pictorial story. I enjoyed it.
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Very good feelings during watching your art, thanks a lot! 
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Made that guys day right there
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So cute! Ahw. *^*
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I like that he was happy when she was first running toward him even though he didn't know her.
This is the cutest thing i've seen today!!! 
I love it! 
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awesome & cutie  :D
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Love this. Your gallery is amazing, would love to favorite every one.
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