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Sleeping in

Sleeping in
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I like this picture very much with the bed taking up the entire picture. Her pose is nicely marked and I think the crumpled sheets are wonderfully drawn.

One thing though: it looks as if she only has three fingers. I can't really see if she's grabbing onto the sheets, but it caught my eye.
Anyway the picture is great and the colors add to the calm and soothing atmosphere, which you've created.
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her two middle finger are close together so they seem like it's just one.. she does that.
Thank you
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that comfy feeling : 3 when you cuddle yourself into the bed XD
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So quiet and lovely...I wish I could sleep in more! :D Reminds me of "Sleeping in" by the Postal Service: [link]
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Aaaaa that's EXACTLY what I did this morning ;_;
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haha looks like me most days (hair color and everything!) :aww:
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Peace is often found in simplicity. This is downy soft and deep! :heart:
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You're welcome and you can vote on noses. It can be found in my gallery.
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