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See , see , see!!
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this is so sweet! I love it.
Imaginative you, you and you!
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I really love the background and lighting on this. =D
Le-Chameau-En-Sable's avatar
such a lovely drawing!! love you're style!!
hoity-toity-holiday's avatar
Whoa! This is pretty similiar to an idea I had a few weeks ago about making a painting of a boy laying in the grass and all the clouds were shaped like objects from space.
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Funny.... I think the idea of seeing things and animals in the clouds is pretty common..isn't it?
hoity-toity-holiday's avatar
Yeah I suppose so, everyone's tried to find shapes in the clouds at least once in their lives. It just made me think of that idea I had forever ago. 
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wonderful, I am living these moments. Best phase! I can relate to your works straight away. Favorite again. Wish I'd draw like these. I actually wanted to put these favs on my wall but won't be able to buy these for now.
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Sometimes, to look through the eyes of the little ones is a blessed gift :)
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The shapes in the clouds are so cute, and I love how this whole image just has a sense of imagination and wonder.

Reminds me of "In a Little While" by U2:…

The image reminds me especially of these lines (this part starts at about 2:20 in the song): "A man dreams one day to fly/ A man takes a rocket ship into the sky/ He lives on a star that's dying in the night/ And follows in the trail, the scatter of light."
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Thank you .. Ha..U2.. Love it
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This is beautiful.
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Heartwarming and beautiful work as always. I can't quite tell if the man is either the boy's big brother or father xD. I find my interpretation of this the same, regardless. 
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Thank you.. it's pretty much up to your interpretation, but in my head.. it's the dad and he's becoming a kid again because he's seeing the clouds through the eyes of his son
cubicrobotos's avatar
Never thought of it like that before... thanks for the reply!
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