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Random sketches

Random sketches
#pascalcampion #sketches
Wanted to sketch loosely today. Just for the pleasure of making lines!
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Wow!!! This is amazing!!! Wonderful work!!! I love the sketchy look, and no makes it feel...I don't know, but this is beautiful!!!!!!
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It's simple, yet well defined. 
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This looks so cute, I imagine the story behind it will be really cute too!!
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You're welcome!
DrawWithNessie's avatar
This is so cute! Those sisters hiding behind a tree XD
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I love this one. Cute & charming. Looks like old stories... <3
This looked like teenage's love....Wait, their children,? Hope they were younger siss.
PascalCampion's avatar
hahahaha..funny.. I don't think they are their kids, but, who knows?
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I don't know why...but it reminds me of Tom Sawyer for some reason...
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? Funny.. I love Tom Sawyer but I really can't see it here
Anki-Benedict's avatar
The illustrations in my copy of Tom Sawyer are awfully similar to this picture.
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Those three children! Haha. This will make a really cute story. :love:
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Hahaha the three kids behind the tree, very cute :D
Looks like a scene from a fairytale, very nice.
Keep Up the Great Work and Peace be with You!
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