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Meet me at five?

Meet me at five?
I did a little process gif of this one in case anyone is interested.
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Your art is exceptional. Expect to see your popularity rise as you get more exposure. Keep at it!
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This is very beautiful !
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This is beautiful and it made me smile.  Love 
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Dope, but that tenor sax looks wonky - probably the only flaw I've ever found in your many many excellent works! :)
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this is really nice. :) (Smile) 
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As his girlfriend scares him, he turns around in fear accidentally hitting her with her horned roses, as she starts screaming running around bumping into the line of people causing a domino effect! LIKE THEY FALL DOWN LIKE LITERAL DOMINOES, and then the saxophone guy, who was making music of pure bliss and sex, as he tumbles down it sounds like my 13 year old cousin's dubstep mixtape,which causes a truck driver to crash into the utility poles which makes alerted the birds which are the infamous man-eating pigeons from the South American jungles eating every human in their path! Despite all the hindrances, the bus did make it on time.
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hahaha that's awesome!
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awww i always love the stories your pieces tell!! You are a wonderful story-teller
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Lovely work! Definitely more full. I like all the different characters :]
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I wander, is the girl behind him to whom he's waiting for?
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That's the thing about most of my images.. I try to leave it open so the reader can make up his own mind as to what he/she wants to read into it!
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Very beautiful!
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hehehehehe this painting brings me so much joy. The poor man, so worried and anxious! The feelings in this piece just seep out of the screen! Your art never ceases to amaze me :) 
Ever thought about making fake movie screencaps?
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Fake movie screen caps?? that a thing? That's such a cool idea! No, I never thought about that. Ha...I like the idea though
Well, yes, it apparently is a thing. People just love making illustrations that appear to come from a movie, like a screenshot from a movie, with black bars on the top and bottom, sometimes subtitles like on DVDs, and maybe some aged quality.
I have some few examples in my gallery, in the graphics folder.
I think your style could make for some nice movie imagery. You're really good at making backgrounds and details and angles and such. Film itself is a visial medium, and if you were to make a film with your style, it would be such a beautiful visual marvel. You could make a fake screen cap and make it look convincing. ;)
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