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Late night thoughts

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it was, because we had lots more energy and excitement and more things to explore, and the stakes were higher because the potential was more immense than now. very relatable.

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Also rather depends on how you define "better"... Art is entirely subjective and measured against and by the person looking at it. So, since we're never quite the same from day to day, no picture is ever seen the same way twice. So how do you say which is better? Better according to whom, the person I was yesterday, or the person I am today, or right now...

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Brilliant story that relates to all of us, artistically spoken :love:

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Somethings...ok, a lot of things we have/are are temporary possessions, but the decline of a talent you've worked to develop is hard to take. That's why its so important to to expand into new fields and techniques...aptly demonstrated by Manlyman Campion. I really enjoy seeing you try new artistic things.