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Heroes don't always wear capes

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Heroes don't always wear capes,
They wear masks

ps. They don't always wear masks either but in this case, I'm talking about all the medical heroes.
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Thanks for the art in this trying time

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i thought masks didn't do much. it's all about touching
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Wow thas Deep good One.
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Love this!  Thanks for sharing.  
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This picture is wonderful!
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Not Superman, that man be spreading 😷
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this is wonderful!!
awesome comic!!!
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Nicely done, love it.
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Edna Mode would be proud.
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Hearing News from New York, I was wondering how Spidey would react if he was real...

Heartwarming small comic.
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rw:this pic is so true in life,and btw the "top pic"(topic get it?^_^) of the art is "The YO-YO" Ladies and Gentlemen.>_O
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Brilliant work!
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By June, this will be over.

We need to be patient, and never lose hope.
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HA ha this is great!
Although Dr. Strange wore a medical mask and a cape sooo
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The exception that confirms the rule ( and , for the most part he didn't wear the two together, did he?)

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for the most part no
and actually I think the one time he is doing surgery in a cape he's not wearing a mask
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Cleaver and well as great art.
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