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Published: December 8, 2018
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Had a tough day today and tried to find a creative way to let it out.
It might not connect with a lot of people but I don't know if being upset and frustrated ever does. It's part of human nature and definitely an emotion I am very familiar with but don't draw as much.
It's harder to draw than I thought it would be.
Also, just have to say, it's crazy how much this made me feel better!
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Sereida-ArtsStudent General Artist
Nice work, it's good to release your frustations
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Well, it's pretty relatable in every panel. I know the feeling.
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Queen-Kitty Photographer
I'm sorry to hear you have been experiencing some tough days recently. Your work is such a bright spot in my day though, and this one is so well done! It captures the feelings perfectly of needing to let it all out so you can continue on. :heart: 
MaryMaryYUBuggin's avatar
This is fantastic, I feel each one of these panels, especially the serenity in the final. 
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So simple... and, at same time, so deep!
Loved it.

I really hope that frustration has been gone!
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GreenAngel5Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yup...I know those moments...and when it piles up there has to some sort of outlet in order to move on without letting it effect our personalities and or moods differ...I use the excuse of my hobbies to get my mind off back in order...but being alone in taking a shower or driving home from work helps put my mind at ease again
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CuzImCoolBroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Definitely needed to see this right now.
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LishadraStudent Traditional Artist
Feeling like this a lot lately.
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Feeling this a lot right now and I just love how you drew this.
(And I'm glad it helped you! <3)
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AmaranthineRain General Artist
I definitely feel like this sometimes. It sounds like you were able to pour the frustrated emotion into the little comic above and find relief that way ^^ Sometimes drawing it out doesn't work for me - sometimes I have to go into nature and walk or start organizing something in my room to feel like I'm getting anywhere with the feeling. 
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Well.. yeah.. it's always better for me to do the actual letting out physically but when I can't.. this works! Sometimes I do both if I can!
AmaranthineRain's avatar
AmaranthineRain General Artist
I agree ^^
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JulietCeliaHobbyist General Artist
I love this piece so much. 
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ChibenobiHobbyist Digital Artist
How did you capture this feeling so well? I'm not sure whether to be proud that you depicted the emotion accurately or sad that you had undergone the same turmoil that I and other people have endured. Either way, it's oddly comforting to know that I'm not the only one who has experienced this seemingly natural sentiment. And for that, you'll forever have my gratitude and appreciation. Continue creating your amazing art and honing your craft. Love and Respect. 
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Ha! yes... that's pretty much it.
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I literally had a moment like this this year.
After making sure I was completely alone, I just screamed and ranted at the top of my lungs.
I didn't get better so quickly, which is actually why I really love the blank frame. It has taken all year to be able to get to the last six frames.
I love how the outcry pierces the otherwise perfect silence of the falling snow. I love how the moment comes and goes yet the snow falls on.
Well done, PascalCampion. I don't favorite work often here on deviantArt because I specifically save the honor for pieces like this.
Thank you.
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I know that feeling. You did a beautiful job creating it with your art. It always feels good to let it out and you’ve found a constructive way to do it that might even help or inspire others. 
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BlueRavenfireProfessional Digital Artist
ugh yeah, I have been there. so days I'm so frustrated with everything all i want to is scream and cry. great work though.
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Animemange13Student General Artist
Tough day? Just let me get upstairs so I can draw some edgy stuff. XD This would work too. Have a better day :) 
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BurningArtistHobbyist General Artist
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I do something very similar while I'm in my car.
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