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Published: February 16, 2019
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This is something that happens to me A LOT.
I'm out doing something, anything and an idea will hit me....and I'll get ALL excited about it.
I'll be thinking of it and giggle to myself( Yes, I do that.) and when I get a chance to draw it, I realize there are holes in the idea and it was funny or interesting only in my head. ( Hence.. going back to the nurturing of Idea birds from a while ago).
Ok...that one.. that could be just me.
I just spent a good hour BEFORE this drawing out something that turned out to not work.( Although I got some fun drawings out of all is not lost!)
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PlagueKiddHobbyist Artist
Creativity is a cruel mistress
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Brooklyn96Student Interface Designer
I know how that can be as a writer myself.
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Yeahhh. This is definitely me and my writing.
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MarmottegarouProfessional Filmographer
ah ... oui moi aussi XD !
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 Much Different from Writing Poetry
Where I have Immediate Feed Back.
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Doodlz18 Artist
great expressions c:
also this is so true
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SirStudMuffinStudent Digital Artist
GOSH I cant explain how much I relate to this lmao, I usually either barely start or just get halfway through an idea before I just get embarrassed making it and never finish it!
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KevinPSB4Professional Digital Artist
Very True.
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Saucelot4Hobbyist Artist
yep yeah every time
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I thought you were gonna forget about the idea as soon as you reach the desk. Can relate to this too XD
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SUU-ITOGARUHobbyist Artist
that usually happens to me (óuò)
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BlueLinkHobbyist Traditional Artist
Frig this happens to me too often LOL
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ObservingthecactusHobbyist General Artist
This is true to hell and back
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This hits very close to home.
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SmoothOperator8Hobbyist Artist
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This happens way too often!! It's not fair :(
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RFHartwellHobbyist General Artist
"My idea about a good idea is one that sticks around, and sticks around, and sticks around...if you were to put bread crumbs in a strainer, and shake it (which is what the passage of time is for me)...all this stuff that's not very big, and not very important just kind of dissolves and falls out. But the good stuff stays."

-Stephen King
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GHENGIZZHobbyist Traditional Artist
The eternal struggle...
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InsanityCandyRamenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very True. The amount of times I've criticised myself for drawing something cool only for me to hate on myself is stupid. Glad i'm not the only one that does that. 
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EdvardCHobbyist General Artist
hahaha. I thought it was going to be. "And it was...WHAT THE HELL WAS IT?!??!"
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ToonimeHobbyist General Artist
I don't have the luxury right now to just go and create a piece that popped into my head. But I do write, or technically type, all my ideas down. I've got a file on my laptop filled with ideas for movies, character designs, video games, foods and desserts, spreads and sauces, and bunch more. At least when I get things going, I can find out if the idea is crap or not.
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crysanthemum963Hobbyist General Artist
The most relatable thing lol.
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CreatorXMHobbyist Traditional Artist
Dear god this is way too relateable
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