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-Look Pop, It’s like I can almost touch the moon
-Someday I want to go there.
-I hope you do too

-Do you think I dream too big Pop?
-You don’t?

-I don’t

-How come?

_I think you need big dreams. If you want something, you have to go for it, but you can’t go for it and if you don’t let yourself want it.

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awesome picture, really love the highlights
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how long do you take to create these amazing pictures?
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I think a bit moon patterning would have made it look more moonlike.
Gorgeous pic anyway. :clap:
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There's such a story to this! Awesome. 
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your compositions are something else. 
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This is so beautiful, from the scene to the conversation. Gorgeus.
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Incredible gorgeous
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Why am I reminded of early Daffy Duck cartoons ? XD More seriously, I really like this piece for the sense of playfulness, achievement and father-son bonding.
The family theme is one that you like very much and you always manage to give this sense of every day activity while making the family ties look like a very important thing. Because it is. Also, the coloring work on this swampy environment is stunning ! In other words, yet a very good piece. :)
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aw what a lovely text Heart  it fit´s the picture perfectly, you can really imagine the scene.
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