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a design i made for a game company ( MC2 France / Tetraedge ) with Jean bey one year ago. Unfortunatly the project stopped, but we had great fun creating it.The model was designed to become a70mm figurine with removable/customisable parts. the prototype you see there has been printed by the talented guys @ moddler. The end result was pretty detailed considering the size . enjoy ;)
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That is so awesome! I love the detail. It's too bad the project stopped, I would have bought some of them.
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Pity the project didn't continue.
I would have loved to have one of those little robots.
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Is there any chance at all of getting one of these to paint/customise? I reely do hope so!
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This looks amazing! I love it :)
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Amazing stuff!
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I've always wondering how do you know where tu put joints, bolts, etc in the joints of the robots like the "knees" of this one :S.... I don't know how to draw that spots of robots
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I want a 3d printer :_(
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How can one ever stop such an awesome project!?
Too bad, this is sooo great.
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awesome, i think that your work is amazing, maybe may you help me to know what kind of software you use for make the real model. is it a fast prototype?
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I would buy this.
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Zbrush again? Magnificent? I have that program, but I'm SO AFRAID to dive into it. I've never in my life done a non-traditional piece, even though I have all the equipment necessary to get started in the digital realm! I have to start soon, but I'm so overwhelmed by all my Zbrush program can do that I don't even know where to start. What do you think? A simple sketch? Then import it into Zbrush and start playing around, you think?
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I just found you through the Concept Robots site. Your work is inspiring and well balanced between detail and flat space. Good for models. I would be happy to see 3d prints of creations like this one for table top games or painting for fun.
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Very very cool, politely curious if any real-world mechanical-industrial machinery was of any inspiration ?
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Those are awesome! Superb work!
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