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Dune tribute

So here it is, @ better resolution than the youtube one ;)
I had the idea of a remake of Dune for a loOoong time, more in the moebius way wich fits more to the Dune universe in my opinion. (The Lynch version is still full of great ideas and memorable moments)
And yes i could have used more work on breathing, animation and all, sorry about that.. it would be too much time consuming to raise the level @ this stage..
But it gave me the envy to start another animation, so stay tuned, more should come soon ;)
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Nice modelling. Could do with a bit more random movement of parts here and there. Real people don't sit completely immobile, with their limbs locked in place.
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This is the strongest artistic vision I have seen in a while regarding Frank Herbert's Dune.

It emphasizes wonderfully the mystic aspect of the universe he created. In another setting, that serene woman would be a seeress, an oracle, or perhaps a medium. Here, she's a princess, daughter to the ruler of the known worlds.

I agree with you. Moebius' style has a LOT of potential for a Dune remake.
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Perfect spirit, straight line from Franck Herbert & David Linch too.
Thank you
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um holy crap that's awesome.
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Wicked Awesome!  Thank you for sharing this.
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Really loved it! Good work!

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Thanks again for that phenomenal artwork. I also did a DUNE-tribute, an audio-remix... but with the uncut-version Intro-speaking of Princess Irulan. My unfulfilled dream is - since I was a child - to create DUNE for the big screen - or, today, for the television screen, there you have much more time and place to tell that epic.
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Did you rig the mouth or did you just sculpt it frame by frame? I just began learning maya and it's really inspiring how you mix illustration and sculpting. 
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That is a really awesome work!!! I am also a real great fan of Herberts epic saga... it's one of my greatest dreams to bring DUNE to the screen... an unfullfilable one, but still one of my greatest ones.
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Someone need to produce Jodorosky's DUNE!  Ubisoft maybe?
belle job Pascal
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SSSOOO awesome!  And I love that you used the sound track from the original movie!  A very nice touch...
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Nice picture!

I would like to ask, if you would give me a permission to use this picture in a fan made expansion to Dune card game. If you do, what artist name you would prefer to use?…
A brilliant tribute to the film "Dune" by David Lynch.
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Nicely animated and realised. Thanks.
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Fantastic, simply fantastic!
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