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Here is ARCANE!!!

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For a while now, I've been thinking about creating my own character. I cannot draw, but luckily my friends can!
Rick was the first one to draw him and of course I colored him right away! Number 2 from Carlo is done, starting on that one right now. After that Myke's version. If you want to draw him : be my guest!! ;)

More about the background of my OC soon!

Check out the original here : [link] and while you are there, please visit his awesome gallery!!

Colors by me. :)

Arcane is created and owned by Pascal Verhoef.
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CB-ComicArtProfessional General Artist
Totally Feckin Badass! :horns:
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SparkStudiosStudent General Artist
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AnabyssStudent Writer
This looks really fucking awsome
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Thank you so much! More Arcane to come soon!
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lubisanHobbyist Traditional Artist
nice job...
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magnusalphaHobbyist General Artist
I'm curious how you arrived at the name "Arcane?"
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Years ago I was looking for names for comic characters. Picked up a dictionary and looked for translations of "Known or understood by very few; mysterious; secret" and came out with Arcane. If you read the story (coming soon) a lot of this fits the character. I also used it in my DJ time. Made CD's with mixes and called them "The Arcane Sessions".
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so, that's Arcane, he? iAM sure I had seen this one before:)....drawn by none other than brother Rickster:)
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Yes sir. ;) Check [link] for all versions.
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thnx, Pascal i have checked out the link and it's bad-arse, your character;)...i hope to do a pin-up of Arcane and Victor Anthony O'Brien, a.k.a. VAMPEER...soon;)....

cheers, bro!

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:D That would be great!
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nice, looks like a Cable/Deadpool cross over
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Thanks! But then 0% mutant. :)
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very nicely colored, pascal:)...
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Thanks Tony! Doing my best... ;) All is fine over there?
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keep at it, amigo:)...all's well, my friend:)
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Looks cool!
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Thanks Gabe!!
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Nice!!!!.......Theres a new sheriff in town, and his name is "Arcane"........this really came out good bro, love it.....................................Rick;)
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:dance: Thanks for bringing him to life Rick! :highfive:
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